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Resources & Publications

Publications that come free with an OWAA membership

Outdoors Unlimited®

OWAA’s bimonthly, full-color magazine (OU) is packed with member news, craft-improvement features, contests information, tax and financial-planning tips, supporting group news and much more.

Outdoors Unlimited® Online

Published in print bimonthly with online updates – members can read online and/or print Outdoors Unlimited® Online directly from this website. View Outdoor Market listings, Member News, photo portfolios, Supporting Group spotlights, audio and videos, book reviews and much more.

Outdoor Market Listings

Emailed directly to members’ inboxes, Outdoor Market listings include acquisition editors’ editorial needs plus jobs in outdoors communications. Also posted on Outdoors Unlimited® Online.

OWAA Directory

OWAA maintains member and supporting directories with members’ biographical listings and supporting group contact information and resources and much more. Connect with other communicators and outdoor industry representatives in your area or across the country.

Publications available for members and the public

OWAA Outdoor Reference Manual

Last revised in 2006, OWAA’s Outdoor Reference Manual supplements the AP Stylebook and Webster’s New World Dictionary, filling gaps in outdoor-related terminology not found in either of these publications. If you’re an outdoors communicator, this is a “must-have” publication.

Freelancers Guide to Business Practices

Compiled by more than 50 OWAA members, this Guidebook is a working document that serves as an outdoor communicator’s handbook covering general business practices such as setting income goals, how to get paid, legalities and rights purchased. The Guidebook also covers specialized business practices for magazine writers, newspaper columnists, photographers, artists and broadcasters. The Legal Handbook for Freelancers (below) is also included as a subset of the Freelancers Guide, so no need to order a separate Legal Handbook unless you want an extra copy.

Legal Handbook for Freelancers

Legal Handbook for Freelancers, authored by OWAA Legal Counsel Bill Powell. Learn about copyright basics, how to structure your business as a freelancer, defamation, privacy rights, protections for electronic communications, contracts and how to use litigation to resolve freelancer-publisher business disputes. Another must-have publication!


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