Vulnerable to dings, nicks, scratches and chips, a propeller is one of the more abused parts of a boat. That’s why it’s important to choose one built for rugged use. Turning Point Propellers manufactures aluminum props that hold up over the long haul. Their new long-lasting Ultracoat finish adds both class and durability to propellers.
Exclusive to Turning Point, the Ultracoat powder coat rivals a fine automotive finish, and is more durable than paint. Utilizing a state-of-the-art five step process, Ultracoat gives the propeller a shiny, uniform appearance that enhances any boat’s good looks.
Turning Point models fit 8-300hp outboard and stern drive engines. One of the world’s largest propeller manufacturers, Turning Point offers cost savings and enhanced performance through its unique hub kit and propeller housing systems. Together with its lifetime warranty hub kits, the system provides up to a 30% savings on replacement propeller costs.
The company’s exclusive online tool, Prop Wizard, helps consumers and dealers choose the ideal propeller for any setup. This user-friendly prop selection process is located at
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