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♦ Kent “Bigshot” Albrecht is the founder and developer of (and, a unique outdoors Web page in style and function. Members can share their pictures with stories, and they are placed geographically down to their local county areas (i.e. USA-Wisconsin-Waukesha County), thus more relevant for all viewers. Pictures can also be searched via species or text. Albrecht writes colorful blogs on the Web page from an “average Joe” perspective. The Web page supports Christian Missionaries building water wells in Southeast Asia.
Lynn Keillor is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer with an eclectic combination of writing and personal interests. She’s worked as a staff writer, editor and contributor for several snowmobile-related publications. She can talk/write motorsports, silent sports and adventure sports. She enjoys snowmobiling, cross-country and downhill skiing, bicycle touring, camping, canoeing, ice fishing, traveling and defending her garden against the neighbor’s noxious black walnut tree. Journalistic claim to fame: standing in the center of an iced oval racetrack in northern Wisconsin, taking notes, for three days with a high of minus 5 degrees.
Stephen L. Lindsay is a small-animal veterinarian, with a special interest in wild and pet birds, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He also has a Ph.D. in zoology, based on his studies of the North American red squirrel, and had a natural history-oriented teaching career at three universities before and after becoming a veterinarian. He has been an avid birder and naturalist since his teen years and has studied both squirrels and birds widely across the United States and Canada. For the past six years he has been writing about birds and other outdoor topics for the Spokesman-Review, a daily newspaper with a distribution covering Spokane, Wash., and North Idaho. He is just beginning freelance magazine writing on mostly avian topics. ◊

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