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Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan: A Handbook for Fly Anglers

classictroutstreamsBy Gerth E. Hendrickson and Jim DuFresne, University of Michigan Press,, 800-343-4499, softcover, 320 pp., $18.95. This classic guide to Michigan’s top trout streams was first released in 1985 and has been fully updated and expanded by DuFresne. The rivers range from the Au Sable and Pere Marquette to the Black, and coverage includes additional access sites, improved maps showing stream bottom structure and wading distances and notes on hatches, commercial guides and lodging for each stream. New sections range from fishing the Hex hatch and visiting the Michigan Trout Fishing Museum to a series on famous Michigan anglers who tossed a fly in these classic streams.

Pocket Guide to Pennsylvania Hatches

Layout 1 By Paul Weamer and Charlie Meck, Headwater Books,, hardcover, 154 pp., $21.95. The “Pocket Guide to Pennsylvania Hatches” takes much of the guesswork out of determining which insects trout are feeding on. The book contains dozens of photos of insects and the patterns to match them. Although the guide is specifically designed for Pennsylvania anglers, fly-fishers from other Eastern and Midwestern states can gain plenty of information from this fact-filled pocket guide. Detailed chapters examine what patterns to use, timing the hatches and types of streams. There are even chapters matching the hatches with flowers blooming and global warming and its effect on the hatches. The guide covers mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, crane flies, terrestrial midges and many other insects that either live in or find their way on the surface of the water. ◊ [print_link]

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