New Buck Knives/Haley Heath ErgoHunter Adrenaline Series

With the number of active women hunters having doubled in the past decade, and now totaling more than 3 million, there is a growing demand for knives to meet their needs and preferences.
Buck Knives, now celebrating the company’s 110th anniversary, is there to answer that demand with introduction of the new Haley Heath ErgoHunter Adrenaline Series of hunting knives for women, developed in partnership with one of America’s most accomplished women hunters.
In the joint announcement, Haley Heath said, “I am excited to be the first female featured with her own line of hunting knives and from the number-one brand in hunting.”
There are eight basic knives in the Haley Heath Series — fixed-blades and folding lockblades, with two offering the option of a built-in guthook. The folders all have a 3-inch skinning blade and, in keeping with Buck’s “good-better-best” marketing philosophy, the steels and handle materials vary. They range in price from $80 to $200.

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