Mark your calendar: A few must-hit events in Texas

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Green Ribbon Meeting – Thursday, May 22

First-time attendee? Learn the ropes and meet other new faces before conference kicks off. Join our conference coordinator and program chair as they go through the can’t-miss events of conference and even get paired with a mentor to guide you throughout conference.

Brown Bag Discussion Lunch – Friday, May 23

Take in a documentary or chat up an expert over lunch. Discussions cover local and national issues, including conservation and outdoor news, as well as general interest topics. Have a topic you would like to see covered? Let us know!

EIC Awards Party – Saturday, May 24

You’re invited to the new EIC Awards Party! No more sitting through long lists of winning entries. This year, the EIC Awards will be a lively audio-visual showcase of the best in outdoor writing, photography, television, radio and Internet. After the awards dinner and show, we’ll celebrate with the country’s top outdoor communicators with live music and a fun-filled evening! Don’t forget to submit your EIC entries by Feb. 1 for your chance to win!

Photo Scavenger Hunt Critique – Sunday, May 25

Win cash and prizes from behind the lens. All attending members are encouraged to enter this fun contest — photographers submit just one frame of each of the five required subjects, forcing them to “get it right” on a tight deadline. Join us as the on-the-spot, creative subject matter is presented, photos are critiqued and winners are announced.

Honorary Awards Banquet – Sunday, May 25

Close conference with a bang as we recognize the incredible achievements and commitment of our members. From devoted past service to the organization to continued excellent in craft or outstanding Board service, these awards  represent the highest honors of OWAA.

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