Map maker stays the course on prices

BILLINGS, Mont. – Despite the U.S. Geological Survey’s recent price increase, MyTopo, a popular online service to order waterproof, custom-centered topographic maps, confirmed its prices will remain at the same level they have been since the company began in 1999.
“Ten years ago USGS paper 7.5-minute maps cost $4 per quad sheet; today a paper quad map is $8. Our maps were always considered a value because the custom-centering allowed people to order one map instead of three or four quads to cover their area.  Today, you can purchase a waterproof, tear-resistant map that is centered precisely on your area of interest and will last a lifetime for just a fraction more than a USGS paper quad,” said Kevin Toohill, CEO of MyTopo, explaining why the USGS price increase is significant for topographic map users.
MyTopo provides an easy-to-use system to design and order custom topographic maps online. The maps are derived from the USGS 7.5-minute map series, with updates from the U.S. Forest Service, making them the most up-to-date and detailed topographic maps available. The maps can be centered anywhere in the U.S., customized with a choice of paper type, size, grid, datum, and personalized with a title and owner name. MyTopo prints and ships the map within 24 hours, for quick delivery to the customer’s mailbox.  The maps start at $9.95.
“Anyone who relies on topographic maps knows their area of interest will always fall on the border of at least two quads, requiring them to purchase and carry multiple maps,” said Toohill. “We solved that common problem by designing a system to allow customers to center their map, and providing the convenience of online ordering and speedy shipping.”
MyTopo’s service includes Canadian topographic maps and U.S. aerial photography and TopoPhoto maps, which are hybrid topographic and aerial maps. MyTopo also provides professional mapping software, the Terrain Navigator Pro suite of products, and free online map browsing services.
Many popular Web sites offer MyTopo’s products and services, including,,,, The Digital Map Store, 4×4 Books, Forestry Suppliers and many more. To become a MyTopo partner, visit
MyTopo is a private company based in Billings, Mont. For more information, visit or call 877-587-9004.

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