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Standing by thoughts on self-publishing

I realize that there are some outdoor writing pros, with serious track records, who have set up their own self-publishing operations. They are, in effect, “publishers.” The fact remains, however, the most self-published books are of low quality and by people who cannot sell their writing to a traditional publisher. I suspect most of them know it in their hearts. As proof of my assertion, there is an independent bookstore near me, with an international reputation, that will not stock self-published works nor allow the people who wrote them to appear there. If they want to call themselves “authors,” use the prefix “self-published.”
Ed Ricciuti, Killingworth, Connecticut

Scholarship gives important opportunities

To OWAA & Sponsors of the Bodie McDowell scholarship,
As one of the recipients of this year’s scholarship, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all of those at OWAA & the McDowell family for their support in making opportunities like this possible for young writers & outdoor enthusiasts. Being able to spend my days in the mountains, writing stories, watching wildlife & interviewing key stakeholders is my favorite way to spend time and scholarships like this allow me to keep telling these stories & pursuing my dreams. Please extend my thanks to all relevant OWAA members & donors.
Gloria Dickie, Boulder, Colorado

Feedback guidelines

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