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Glenn Sapir Retires from NSSF

After nearly 11 years as Editorial Director and then Director of Editorial Services for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and 44 years after landing my first job out of college as Assistant Editor at Outdoor Life Magazine, I have decided to write the next chapter of my life.
In retirement, I look forward to doing a lot more fishing and hunting, traveling with my wife, Nancy, and visiting my children and grandchildren.
Of course, a writer/editor never really retires, and that goes for me when I leave NSSF on April 25. I will continue to edit The Range Report and write the Annual Review for NSSF, and you might even see me representing the foundation at a writers’ conference, as I have been asked to do at this year’s OWAA Conference. I retain my outdoor column for Gannett’s Journal News in suburban New York and, additionally, envision authoring freelance articles of my choosing. One of my most immediate goals is publishing a book of my favorite writings to serve as a legacy for my children and grandchildren.
I look forward to seeing what professional opportunities might present themselves. Though I am not seeking anything resembling full-time work, I do hope that interesting challenges will continue to come my way.
Writing and editing may appear to be independent jobs, but, truth is, the success of a writer and editor is dependent upon the support of many others. I would like to thank the many writers, editors, photographers, designers, colleagues, information sources, industry members, destination hosts and friends who have played an important role in my career thus far.
— Glenn Sapir, Argyle, N.Y.

OU Headline Misleading

I just read the OU Supporter Spotlight titled THE INS AND OUTS OF EPUBLISHING by Rodney Smith. I am sure the Little Pond Publishing does a fantastic job publishing writers’ books; I have been looking at them myself. I am also sure they understand the Ins and outs of Epublishing, but no such information was forthcoming.
When I started I truly expected to learn, the ins and outs of Epublishing. But such was not the case. I do understand that under this sub banner supporters may say what they wish to promote their Jams and Jellies. But, after reading through the short piece several times I still didn’t have a clue about Epublishing.
I do believe the title was deceiving and in future spots would suggest a more commercial title. If you are only using this as filler then assign titles more to promote a product and not under the impression of a craft improvement piece.
— Jim Foster, Salmon, Idaho

New Members Shouldn’t Be a Concern

I recently received my Feb/Mar issue of OU and was impressed as usual with the content. The one thing that caught my attention though was the Letter to the Editor and I felt I needed to respond as a new member of OWAA. I was invited to join OWAA by Chris Hunt who offered to be my sponsor. Let me be clear I am a blogger and a fledgling writer who wants to become a truly professional writer. I joined the OWAA to learn to become a better writer from some of the best writers in the industry. Because of the OWAA I finally had an article published in a Tenkara magazine and am currently working to get a few more published. I am also working on a book that I hope to have published here soon.
Have I published a book by earning a “legitimate book contract”? No, not yet, but with the help of the staff and members of OWAA that is my goal! I will continue to work to do that very soon.
— Graham Moran, Aurora, Colo.

Feedback guidelines

Members are encouraged to write about issues and topics. The executive director and editor will decide whether opinions are appropriate for debate or if the comments promote a personal cause; if the “cause” is unrelated to OWAA’s mission and potentially damaging to the membership, the letter might not be printed. Word limit: 400. Longer letters will be returned for revision. Send letters to editor@owaa.org.


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