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Don’t Look Down on Self-publishing

Ed Ricciuti has come down hard on self-publish book authors being eligible for OWAA membership. Does his “real author” standard include an author whose work first appeared as a self-published book? It takes “talent and persistence” to learn the ins and outs of today’s book industry.
Ricciuti’s questioning self-published book authors being eligible for OWAA membership is a bit harsh. Let’s not race off to disqualify these budding writers. What’s the standard with OWAA full-timers in other outdoor communication fields who devote a comparatively little but certainly rewarding time to writing and marketing self-published books? One day, that might be their only qualifying work. Besides, some of this self-published work might rise to publishers’ acceptance. Exposure to OWAA will help some get there. There’s always the chance …
Dave Carlson, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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