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Bring dreams to life via writing

To the good folks at OU, and all its dedicated readers,
As I begin writing to you today, the first signs of snow are quietly tumbling down around me. It’s a crisp negative 5 C and the sun is just beginning to creep through the trees. A perfect morning for being in the tree stand watching for whitetails.
For those of you who receive the NASOW newsletter from Roger Brunt, you may have read here and there about a trip I have recently returned from, trekking across Australia.
I spent six months wandering around the country in search of adventure and new experiences, and found no shortage by any means. While travelling, I managed to have my first pieces publish — being new to the outdoor writing world this was thrilling. Since May I have had five feature pieces published with a newspaper, with number six on the way, all including my own photography.
I was shocked upon returning to my hometown by the overwhelming response that had been generated from the stories. I discovered that not only had I shared my tales and adventures with people, but had become to some, an outlet, a resource that allowed them to live vicariously through my adventures.
It became apparent while travelling, just how full the world is of people who hold incredible dreams, so many of them very achievable. But the number of people that hold such dreams, but have been completely convinced that they are unattainable is shocking. Someone or something in society has given them this idea. I for one, believe there is always a way to bring our dreams to life. Somehow, unknowing at the time, I brought people’s dreams and ambitions into perspective and allowed people to feel as though they were sharing their dreams as I shared them mine.
To me that is a big part of what it means to be a part of organizations like the OWAA and OWC, and to be an outdoor writer.
Sitting here in my tree stand reflecting on the past six months of my life I realize that I have accomplished something amazing. Going from reading stories and real life accounts of amazing outdoor expeditions and adventures, and feeling that I am almost a part of that experience, to being the one to share my adventures with someone else and have them feel that same feeling, I will mark as one of my biggest life accomplishments.
I would like to thank all of the members of our outdoor community for inspiring me, and in turn, inspiring others through my life.
Please feel free to stop by my trip blog and read up on a few of my adventures from the land down under: www.adventure-quade.blogspot.com
Philip Quade, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Giving back to OWAA

Just before tax day OWAA will celebrate its 85th anniversary. We’ve been helping communicators for nearly a century.
These are challenging times for nonprofits and for profits. OWAA is not alone in suffering a tight budget. I recently made a tax deductible contribution of $3/year to thank OWAA for helping me as a communicator during my 29 years of membership. I encourage all members to also make a contribution to any of OWAA’s funds.
Rich Patterson, 2007-08 OWAA President, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Feedback guidelines

Members are encouraged to write about issues and topics. The executive director and editor will decide whether opinions are appropriate for debate or if the comments promote a personal cause; if the “cause” is unrelated to OWAA’s mission and potentially damaging to the membership, the letter might not be printed. Word limit: 400. Longer letters will be returned for revision. Send letters to editor@owaa.org.


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