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Recently my wife and I decided to update our family trust. It had been 10 years since we moved from Colorado to Arizona. There were some changes I had been thinking about doing, including establishing a program to leave a few dollars to a couple of organizations to which I belonged and worked for throughout my life. High on my list was the Outdoor Writers Association of America.
Setting up a way to leave money for OWAA was easy. I determined a percentage to give to the organization and my attorney simply put it into our family trust, listing the percentage and using the name and address of OWAA.
When my wife or I dies, the trust funds go directly to the remaining spouse. Upon that person’s passing, the estate pays any and all bills and the percentage allocated to OWAA.
OWAA’s legal counsel Bill Powell said OWAA can be named as a beneficiary in a will or trust with any wording similar to this: “Outdoor Writers Association of America, Inc., with headquarters currently in Missoula, Montana.” If you wish for your gift to become part of the permanent endowment of OWAA, say “to be included in the Endowment Trust.” Additional guidance on gifting funds specifically to OWAA can be found on pages 102 and 103 in the 2014-2015 OWAA Directory.
As these funds are then invested by OWAA, they will hopefully grow in value. It would only take a few members to add OWAA to their wills and trusts to get the organization some big bucks to fund OWAA projects. Planned gift giving could significantly enhance OWAA’s ability to carry on its goals and objectives for many years. This is a way for you to contribute to OWAA’s ongoing success, even after you are gone.
There is no cost involved in setting this up — unless you are creating your will from scratch. You don’t give any money until after you are gone and can’t miss it.
This article was not meant to be a solicitation. It’s meant to be a reminder of another way you can help OWAA and other organizations near to your heart.
When all is said and done and there are a couple of nickels left in the pot, spend it. Take care of yourself, your spouse and kids, then take care of the organizations you love. ♦
–Jim Smith is an outdoor writer who has had a long career writing articles on fishing, hunting and outdoor activities. He spent five years as editor of MUSKIE Magazine. Recently he was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Communicator.” Retired, he now spends his days photographing wildlife and writing for pleasure. He has been a member of OWAA since 1992.

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