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When I left the OWAA annual conference in 2006, my bags were fuller than when I arrived in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
One of the additions was more valuable than the others, though it took up little space.
It was a single page from a yellow notepad, and it included the email addresses of everyone who had attended the Newspaper Section business meeting.
Within a couple of days I used the list to create what, back in those days, we called a listserve. Basically, it was a way for us to communicate electronically as a group.
The group was active for several years, and provided a convenient way for us to ask questions and share ideas.
A couple of years ago we launched something similar, but this time we did it through Facebook and we didn’t limit it to just newspaper folks. We call it the Outdoor Communicator Roundtable, and thanks to the efforts of the Marketing Committee we’re making a push to beef it up. As I write this we’re up to 69 members. We’d like more.
Although there has been some talk about opening the group up to non-OWAA members we’re keeping it a members-only group for now.
Again, it’s a forum for conversations serious and casual, related to what we do in this profession. For example, I recently used the group to announce my transition from the newspaper world to public relations.
If you’re a Facebook member and a member of OWAA, we’d love to have you. Please drop me an email at — or, better yet — message me on Facebook and I will invite you to the group.
And, no, there isn’t a secret handshake.
Yet. ♦

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