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OWAA members took home several writing and photography awards from the New York State Outdoor Writers Association’s Excellence in Craft contest. The winners were announced at the NYSOWA’s annual conference in Lake Placid, N.Y. Glenn Sapir won first place for a newspaper column. Dennis Aprill took home two second place awards: one for newspaper column and another for newspaper feature. In the magazine column category, Tom Schlichter won first place and Angelo Peluso recieved second and third place awards. Tony Salerno took home a second place award for magazine feature and Tom Schlichter received third place. J. Michael Kelly was awarded second place recoginition in the outdoor scenic category as well as second place in the hunting and fishing category. Bill Hollister took home three third-place photography awards.

Hands-free camera harness makes hiking easier

Backcountry Solutions is trying to eliminate the discomfort of carrying a heavy, bulky SLR camera while hiking. Its Keyhole hands-free camera harness clips your SLR camera to your backpack harness and keeps the lens pointed down to protect it and carry it closer to your body. Designed for activities like hiking, snowshoeing and even biking, the harness holds a camera tightly to your chest, making it quickly accessible when you need to shoot. Plus, the setup takes some of the camera weight off your neck and distributes it to your shoulders. For more information, visit

2010 Reporter’s Guide to the National Parks

The National Parks Conservation Association recently released its 2010 Reporter’s Guide to the National Parks. The new guide is available online as a PDF, which will be updated quarterly. The guide offers newsworthy facts and figures about current park issues, important dates, key national park terms, contact information for park experts and other helpful information. Click here to download your free reporter’s guide:

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Three adaptive skiers head up the largest class of inductees to enter the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame since 1984. Jack Benedick, Chris Waddell and Sarah Will are the first adaptive skiers to enter the Hall of Fame since the late Diana Golden was honored in 1997. Joining them are three well-known names from the ski world, Stu Campbell, Doug Coombs and Paul Robbins. Sepp Kober, the “Father of Southern Skiing” and Ansten Samuelstuen, a holder of three national and four North American titles in ski jumping, bring 2009’s class total to eight inductees and the comprehensive total to 368.

Wild Trout X

The Wild Trout X Program is soliciting abstracts for presentations and posters for its 2010 symposium slated for September 29-30. The symposium brings together a broad and diverse audience to exchange technical information and viewpoints on wild trout management and related public policy. Governmental entities, nonprofit conservation groups, media representatives, educators, anglers, fishing guides and business interests associated with trout fisheries are encouraged to submit abstracts on all aspects of wild trout research. The Wild Trout Symposium Organizing Committee is also accepting nominations for awards to be presented at the symposium. Information about award nominations and paper and poster submissions, including suggested topics, are available at ◊

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