How-to for “Take your radio show to the world”

Ty Stockton‘s article in December OU, “Take your radio show to the world,” outlines a quick and easy way to post your radio show online with the help of blogging/website software called WordPress.
Here a few more screenshots that he provided — there just wasn’t room for them in the layout of December OU.
This is the layout of Stockton’s radio show website (click images to enlarge):

WordPress sites are managed through an administrative panel called the Dashboard. With this fill-in-the-blank editor, you don’t need to know code to post your radio show online.
Each entry on the screenshot above (“Shooting well? Don’t get cocky,” “Bring on the ducks … and the expenses,” etc.) is called a Post. Here’s what the Dashboard looks like when you’re creating a Post. Below, Stockton filled in the spaces for the title and text content:

The “Click here” in blue text above, links to an audio clip from Stockton’s show. To create hyperlink, Stockton says, “… upload an audio clip, click the little note symbol above the text box. That’ll bring up the audio file attachment dialog box. Click on ‘Select Files.’ Then just paste the text you copied into the ‘Title’ text box. Click ‘Insert into post’ at the bottom of the screen, and then all you need to do is publish it.”

If, after reading Stockton’s article, you still have questions about launching your radio show on a website, WordPress has an excellent support forum. And for website newbies, here’s a link to their 10-step walk-through guide.

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