Hold the bold, please

By Ashley Schroeder, OU Editor
Have you ever updated to new word processing software, only to find that  you can no longer access old documents?
I encountered a similar problem last year when I got a new desktop computer with the publication software, Adobe InDesign — I left my copy of the ever-crashing Quark on the old machine. I had to rebuild a handful of document templates because InDesign couldn’t make sense of Quark files. That included templates for brochures, membership applications, a magazine. Trust me, you don’t want this to happen to all your text documents!
In his article, “Forget fancy formatting: Why plain test is best,” David Sparks  provides a solution for avoiding such a dilemma. Doubtful you’ll ever encounter such a problem? He just might change your mind about that, too.
While Sparks focuses on solutions for Mac users, I’d bet there’s another solution out there for PC folks. (I’ll research and let y’all know in another blog post.) ♦
And thanks to Paul Queneau for sharing this article with me!

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