Grouse Cover Newsletter Once Again In Print

Wild River Press has reprinted the complete set of George King’s legendary Grouse Cover newsletter. The faithful reproduction of all 28 copies are soft-bound in a handsome color cover featuring a snapshot of the Pennsylvania wingshot in his heyday.
This unique newsletter was originally published from 1969-1972. It was chatty and informative and authentic. Thousands of avid ruffed grouse hunters of a bygone golden era who belonged to Mr. King’s whimsical “Ancient and Honorable Order of Brush Worn Partridge Hunters” looked forward to receiving Grouse Cover each month. It kept them in touch with fellow grouse fanatics across the country.
These charming, intimate newsletters have been out of print for more than 40 years. Surviving copies are scarce. They are unavailable at any price. Now, founding editor George King has personally authorized Wild River Press to re-issue the entire collection to celebrate the launch of the new book, A Passion for Grouse, scheduled for release in October.
Review copies are available from Wild River Press at no charge to outdoor writers interested in including this news in a future column. Please send a note to Thomas R. Pero, Publisher: or telephone 425-486-3638.

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