Forest Service and BLM honor Mule Deer Foundation

The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management selected the Mule Deer Foundation to receive the prestigious Joint Conservation Partner Award, honoring MDF’s years of service and commitment.
MDF CEO Miles Moretti, COO Eric Tycksen and Board Member C.J. Buck accepted the award at the North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference, the annual gathering of professionals from state, federal, provincial and tribal wildlife management agencies, and key conservation organizations.
Presenting the award, Chief of BLM’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Division, Dwight Fielder, said, “The Mule Deer Foundation is at the heart of a network of committed organizations and resourceful individuals focused on mitigating threats the mule deer population across its range, and helping this species adapt to changing environmental conditions and new landscape realities.”
He and Anne Zimmerman, Forest Service Director of Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants, recognized MDF’s financial and volunteer labor contributions that helped with vegetation management, water development, fencing, prescribed burns and other projects.
Through the efforts of the agencies and partners like Mule Deer Foundation, wildlife professionals are working to reverse the trend of mule deer, “the only big game species in North America on the decline” said Fielder.

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