New hardcopy OU and Web site redesign on fall ‘to do’ list

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By Kevin Rhoades, Executive Director
As we turn the corner into autumn, staff is working on several projects of interest, the first of which members should receive in the mailbox early this month: The new, quarterly hardcopy Outdoors Unlimited will be a 16-page digest, the “best of the best” content extracted from three previous issues of Outdoors Unlimited Online.
The quarterly will be printed in color, thanks to OWAA supporting group Image Printing (formerly Richtman’s Printing), who is trading the cost of four-color for their advertisement appearing in the hardcopy newsletter.
We hope you like the “spruce up,” and we also trust you’ll continue to read Outdoors Unlimited Online, where important member news, features and association business will be uploaded on the first business day of each month.
In addition, Outdoor Market listings will be e-mailed directly to your inbox; jobs and editorial listings will also be posted on OU Online.
The first of each month, members and supporters will continue to be notified of each new issue of Outdoors Unlimited Online.
Other fall projects in the works…
Yes, we’re still working on the much-promised and anticipated Freelancers Guide to Business Practices, a publication we’re revising and bringing back from years’ past. We’ve run into several hurdles, but optimistic the useful reference book will be published and available yet this year.
After reviewing 14 bids from cities wanting to host an OWAA annual meeting, Conference Planner Robin Giner has come up with a short list of finalists desiring to host our 2012 conference, which include Bend, Ore.; Fairbanks, Alaska; Fayetteville, N.C.; and Lincoln, Neb.
OWAA members might recall that our 2003 conference was nearly awarded to Juneau, Alaska. The board vote resulted in a tie, and the tiebreaker went to Columbia, Mo., an excellent choice and gracious host of our 2003 conference.
Staff is seriously investigating the possibility of a unique and extraordinary event for 2012. We’ll keep you posted. Of course, you are encouraged to leave replies below.
Also on the slate this fall is a complete redesign of OWAA’s Web site. Publications Editor/Webmaster Ashley Schroeder will take the lead on that project. We hope to have a fresh, innovative look at by this October.
The 2010 Excellence in Craft Contest rules are now available. More than $30,000 was awarded to OWAA members for their winning entries in last year’s contest. Several of you won thousands! Contest rules and entry forms can be found here.
A heartfelt Thank You to Excellence in Craft Contest sponsors who have signed up for 2010. So far sponsors include the Coleman Co., Ducks Unlimited, the Outdoor Channel, and Realtree/Advantage Camouflage.
Now onward with the work!
And, of course, we at OWAA headquarters thank you for your membership and continued support of OWAA.
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