Dyanphos 1000-watt Continuous Light Kit

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Photography is all about capturing light. Most photographers start out by simply working with whatever light is available; whether provided by the sun or interior incandescent light fixtures. Eventually, you will find yourself in a situation where it could be beneficial to have more control over the direction and the intensity of light. Portrait photography is a great example of one of these situations. Having the ability to place a light exactly where you need it can make the difference between a lackluster portrait and one that looks like it was taken in a studio.
Dynaphos is a company that makes a number of pho- tographic lighting products, ranging from high-end studio strobe flashes to portable light stands. Dynaphos’ DP-2497 is a single light kit that makes studio-style portrait lighting a simpler task with its continuous 1000-watt tungsten light source. What makes this kit great for portrait photography is not only the impressive amount of light, but the quality of light it puts out. The DP-2497 features a 32-by- 24-inch softbox that evenly distributes the light and eliminates harsh shadows on your subject. The light is easy to position exactly where you need it as the supplied lightstand comes with wheeled casters and is fully adjustable up to seven feet.
When it comes to operating the light, it is pretty straight-forward. You simply plug it in and turn it on. If you need to tone down the light hitting your subject, the kit also comes with two light dampening louvers that can be secured to the front of the softbox to limit light output. Because of the size of the softbox, you have the flexibility to light even large group portraits as well as individuals. I would recommend the DP-2497 kit to any photographer who is looking for a straightforward and simple way to enhance their portrait lighting.
The Dynaphos’ DP-2497 light kit includes one light head, a softbox, a lightstand and four 1000-watt lamps that are rated at 2000 hours each. The entire kit can also be folded down and stored in its own wheeled carrying case for transport. ♦
— If you have any questions about the Dyanphos light kit or any other photo-related topic, please contact Jon Lawton at jlawton@wbhunt.com.

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