Dude Ranchers’ Association press trip applications open for OWAA Members

November 26, 2019

OWAA members can now apply directly to the Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA) to see if they are eligible for future press trips at one of nearly a hundred dude ranches across the U.S. and Canada.

Bryce Street, Executive Director of the DRA, said, “The DRA is always on the lookout for writers, bloggers and influencers looking for a press trip to one of our member ranches. Dude ranches are the ultimate outdoor adventure, so why not contact a group of outdoor adventure writers?”

OWAA members interested in applying for a press trip need only answer the following questions and submit them and their most recent media kit to info2@duderanch.org.

  1. What are your initial, immediate possible story ideas?
  2. What are your most common media outlets that you receive placement in?
  3. What specific outlets would you pitch stories about dude ranches?
  4. What is the reach of the outlets that you’d be pitching your stories?
  5. Would you like to bring guests with you on the trip and how many?
  6. How long are you looking to go for (three days, five days or a full week)?
  7. Do you have specific dates in which you would like to attend a dude ranch?
  8. Please include any other information you find pertinent to this request (special needs, requests, specific outdoor activities that you’re interested in, etc.).

Upon receiving your application, the DRA will share it with their member ranches. If a ranch is interested in hosting you, the DRA will then connect you directly to work out the details. Applying for a press trip through the DRA does not a guarantee that you will have the opportunity to attend a press trip through DRA members, as it’s all contingent upon the individual members and their willingness to host writers.

Please note, the DRA does not cover travel/airfare costs for these trips. What is covered on the press trip is dependent on the individual host ranch. Once they contact you, be sure to ask them if they cover transfers, additional guests, etc. If a press trip might not be possible now, the DRA is open to collaborating with writers on articles about dude ranching as well.

The DRA was formed in 1926 to, ‘preserve the Western way of life and the wonderful environment in which dude ranching takes place.’ If you want to learn more about dude ranches and the DRA, you can visit their website: www.duderanch.org.

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