Camp Chef cooks up real meals while camping

Tenkara USA brings simplicity, tradition to fly-fishing

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There is nothing worse than coming into camp after a long day of hunting or fishing when you’re tired, hungry and just want a hearty meal only to realize the only edible food is ramen noodles or stale granola bars.
Most of us have been there, but there is a way to prevent it happening again.
Let me introduce you to Camp Chef.
Camp Chef started more than two decades ago as an opportunity to improve campsite cooking. It is now an industry leading manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment.
When you’re in the outdoors you can’t control the weather or the fishing, but you can control the way you eat. So when all else fails Camp Chef ensures you have an appetizing meal to look forward to.
Camp Chef stoves are powerful, portable and versatile. They are ready to go whenever you are. Plus, they enable you to actually cook — not just boil — a delicious, hot meal with ease.
If you would rather keep things a little more traditional, try cooking with a Dutch oven. Dutch oven cooking is usually done with charcoal briquettes, over an open fire or on a Camp Chef stove. There isn’t much you can’t cook in a Dutch oven.
After you have spent a week hunting or fishing let’s hope you’re ready to fill your freezer. But what do you do with all that meat? Camp Chef can help you with that, too.
Smoking meat is a great way to naturally add and preserve flavors that cannot be experienced any other way and the process is simple with Camp Chef equipment.
Camp Chef’s DLX Pellet Grill is a favorite and the most user friendly. The engineers at Camp Chef added several features to the pellet grill that eliminate annoying issues often associated with low and slow barbecue. It has controls that automatically maintain desired temperatures and a patented ash cleanout system for minimal clean up.
But no matter which Camp Chef smoker you choose, or which of its products you pick for your next adventure, your taste buds will thank you. And you’ll never have to make ramen noodles at camp again. ♦

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