Bushnell introduces new GPS unit for hunters

Bushnell Outdoor Products introduced a new personal GPS device designed specifically for hunters. The new, water resistant HuntTrack has many of the features that made its predecessor, the BackTrack, popular among hunters. The new device also features upgrades such as solunar tables, weather data and more. 
With five available icons and the ability to use up to 20 additional waypoints, the HuntTrack allows users to easily locate deer stands, trail cameras or downed game. As well as a self-calibrating digital compass, the device provides time, temperature, altitude, and latitude/longitude coordinates. The HuntTrack also has a “breadcrumbs” feature that allows users to record routes and trails.
The device also comes with the free HuntTrack software application, which allows hunters to review predictive animal activity, overlay routes on topographic maps and more.
To learn more about the Bushnell HuntTrack and other Bushnell products, visit http://www.bushnell.com or call 800-423-3537.

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