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The Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense: A Comprehensive Handbook on How to Protect Your Property from Intrusion and Invasion

By Roger Eckstine
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 307 West 36th St., 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018, contact Oleg Lyubner, 212-643-6816 ext. 229 or; paperback, 208 pp., 100 color photographs; $19.95.
If the current climate leaves you feeling abandoned and defenseless, the “Shooters Bible Guide to Home Defense” can put you on the path to becoming a proud sentry at the gates of your castle. Firearm expert Roger Eckstine examines how to evaluate the premises, how to choose various security systems and how to safely interact with aggressors should someone invade your home.

Upland Alleghenies, The Sixteen Years of West Virginia Woodcock and Grouse Coverts

By Bob Fala
Published by McClain Printing Company,; paperback, 168 pp., $21.95.
From walking smack dab into a major pot patch to separating a bird dog from a poisonous snake to even its random battle with a wild beaver as well as other harrowing and “dog gone” encounters, this is just a small  sampling of the tales in Bob Fala’s book. These and other events are straight out of the actual field journals of the past “sweet” 16 hunting seasons (1998-2013) in the Mountain State uplands.

Encounters With Great White Sharks: Florida and the Gulf of Mexico

By John Hairr
Coachwhip Publications, Landisville, PA., contact Chad Arment,,; softcover, 108 pp., 20 black and white photos, maps; $7.95.
No marine predator receives as much popular attention as the great white shark, yet this fascinating creature is still not well-known in all parts of its range. Through examination of historical records and interviews with those divers, fishermen, and marine biologists, author John Hairr brings some light to the travels of this species along the Florida coastline and in the Gulf of Mexico. Hairr documents the pioneering efforts to keep great white sharks in captivity at Marineland of Florida in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Several photos of sharks captured by marine scientists and fishermen in southeastern waters are included.

Texas West of 35

By Larry D. Hodge
Self-published, contact Larry Hodge,,; e-book, 286 p.p.; $5.
This book is a collection of 31 articles Larry Hodge wrote for Texas Highways magazine in the 1980s and 1990s, with a new introduction for each. Hodge’s favorite part of Texas lies west of Interstate 35, hence the title. From windmills to barbed wire to the Rio Grande to spurs and tiny oaks, Hodge’s stories paint a picture of Texas as it was a quarter-century ago. The introductions to the articles give insight into the author’s writing process, not to mention his love of doughnuts.

Whitetail Savvy: New Research and Observations About America’s Most Popular Big Game Animal

By Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 307 West 36th St., 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018, contact Oleg Lyubner, 212-643-6816 ext. 229; hardcover and e-book, 311 pp., 220 color photographs and charts; $29.95.
Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III provides the most comprehensive reference on whitetails ever published with details on the complete life history of the animals, new facts and research and more than 200 stunning color images, some never seen before.

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