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Land of the Bear: Siberian Campfires

By Denny Geurink
Strategic Book Publishing,, paperback, 276 pp., 60 photographs, eight illustrations; $18.
What’s the wildest, most outrageous type of adventure you can imagine? Can you top “road hunting” from a Russian army tank in Siberia? How about stalking red stag with the KGB on a Soviet naval base just a few miles from where Gorbachev was placed under house arrest during the 1991 coup attempt in the Soviet Union? Denny Geurink first traveled to the Soviet Union in 1991 and has since spent 23 years traveling around Siberia chasing bears, moose, wolves and other game. His book re-lives the adventures of that first trip.

Do It yourself Bonefishing

By Rod Hamilton with Kirk Deeter
The Derrydale Press; hardcover, 320 pp.; $29.95.
“Do It Yourself Bonefishing” is the authoritative guide written for DIY anglers targeting bonefish on the fly. Divided into easy-to-reference sections, this book will help you tackle the why, where, and how of self-guided bonefishing. Informed by 20 years of experience on the flats, Rod Hamilton and Kirk Deeter describe the allure of matching wits with one of fly-fishing’s most elusive targets and discuss the reasons why more and more fly-fishermen are seeking the challenge of catching bonefish without the aid of a guide. “DoIt Yourself Bonefishing” is packed with useful tips to help all levels of fly-fishermen locate and catch more of one of the world’s premier gamefish.

Central Florida Thoroughbreds: A History of Horses in the Heart of Florida

By Charlene R. Johnson
Globe Pequot Press, paperback, 176 pp., more than 75 images; $14.44.
Back in the 1940s, when Florida was the “Wild West” of the East, a few hearty souls dared to think they might compete with the finest, blue-blooded racehorses. Florida was the cracker cowboy state, and cowponies were expected. But the
scoffers failed to realize what the wealth of limestone, the power of warm sunshine year round and the cold, crystalline freshwater springs that are the gems of central Florida would mean to the raising of healthy, competitive animals. When the first thoroughbreds produced in Florida, admittedly small and scrappy, began to “outrun their pedigrees,” the nation of thoroughbred breeders had to take notice.

Adirondack: Life and Wildlife in the Wild, Wild East

By Edward Kanze
Excelsior Editions, an imprint of State University of New York Press,; paperback, 212 pp., 30 black and white photographs; $19.95.
Born just north of New York City, Edward Kanze traveled as far as the wilds of Australia and New Zealand, working as a naturalist, park ranger, and nature writer, before finally settling in New York’s Adirondacks for the riskiest of all life’s
adventures: Marriage and children. “Adirondack” tells the story of how he and his wife Debbie bought a tumbledown house, rescued it from ruin, started a family and planted themselves deep in Adirondack soil. Along the way, he brings the unique history of this area to life by sharing stories of his ancestors, who have lived in the area for generations, and by offering captivating descriptions of the world around him. A keen observer, Kanze will charm readers with his tales of bears, birds and fluorescent mice.

Grizzlies on my Mind: Essays of Adventure, Love and Heartache from Yellowstone Country

By Michael W. Leach
West Winds Press; paperback, 282 pp.; $14.33.
What is it about Yellowstone National Park that draws millions of visitors from all over the world? Michael Leach explains it in his book of essays, “Grizzlies on My Mind.” Leach is a Yellowstone insider with unmatched passion for this nation’s first national park. At the age of 22, Leach’s dream of becoming a Yellowstone ranger came true. It wasn’t long before he’d earned the nickname “Rev” for his powerful Yellowstone “sermons.” In “Grizzlies on My Mind,” Leach shares his love for Yellowstone — its landscapes and wildlife, especially its iconic bison and grizzlies — as he tells tales that will delight anyone interested in the national park system, wildlife and wild landscapes, rivers and adventure.

Fifty Years of Deer-Stand Reflections, a Memoir of a Michigan Master Deer-Hunter

By Joe Lunkas
Strategic Books Publishing and Rites Agency,; soft cover, 154 pp.; $14.50.
Joe Lunkas is a master at his game. “Fifty Years of Deer-Stand Reflections, a Memoir of a Michigan Master Deer Hunter,” is the culmination of the author’s extraordinary experiences through the years hunting deer. His insightful stories strongly convey the lessons learned from his time spent on outdoor journeys in the deer woods. The healing and rejuvenating solitude, his thought-provoking remembrances, and the pure personal enjoyment experienced in the deer-stand can be rejoiced as sources of inspiration, satisfaction and success. The book will ignite the flame in the hearts of hunters, both newcomers and veterans of the sport, infusing a deep appreciation, respect and love for nature that is coalesced in hunting.

Fifty Years of Gathering, Fishing and Unusual Animal Encounters: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman

By Joe Lunkas
Strategic Books Publishing and Rites Agency,; paperback, 238 pp.; $16.50.
What would you give to pick the brain of someone who has more than 50 years of experience as an outdoorsman? What tantalizing and insightful information could you gain? The great outdoors comes alive in the second book of the “Fifty Years” trilogy by veteran hunter and outdoorsman Joe Lunkas. “Fifty Years of Gathering, Fishing, and Unusual Animal Encounters: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman” represents only part of the culmination of author Lunkas’ fascinating experiences over the past half century. This book will appeal to everyone who loves nature and the outdoors, including those who don’t hunt. The author encourages readers to evaluate and think about his messages and lessons learned, while considering his books to be their “silent outdoor companions.”

Day Hikes Around Big Sur (Second Edition)

By Robert Stone
Day Hike Books Inc.; paperback, 304 pp., 132 maps; $18.95.
This revised and updated edition of “Day Hikes Around Big Sur” includes 99 day hikes along the California Central Coast and the  interior mountains. Hikes, which take from one hour to all day, range from easy beach strolls to strenuous mountain climbs with panoramic vistas. The diverse terrain is a hiker’s paradise with a well-designed trail system of more than 300 miles. Statistics, accurate driving and hiking directions, and numerous maps make these hiking adventures stress free. Dog admission information is included. Most trails can be accessed from Carmel Valley Road or Highway 1. Robert Stone has been writer, photographer, and publisher of Day Hike Books since 1991.

Day Hikes in Grand Teton National Park (Fifth Edition)

By Robert Stone
Day Hike Books Inc.; paperback, 272 pp., 106 maps; $14.95.
Now in its 5th edition, “Day Hikes In Grand Teton National Park” includes a thorough selection of 89 day hikes throughout this national park and around the town of Jackson, Wyoming. The hikes include easy-to-follow directions and are organized by region, making the area accessible for everyone. The book offers hikes near the trailhead or ones that take you up thousands of feet in elevation through canyons that lead up to fantastic vantage points. The hikes range from well-known destinations (like Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake) to quiet, backcountry trails.

The complete book of Saltwater Fishing, Revised and Updated

By Milt Rosko
Burford Books,; paperback, 352 pp.; $19.95.
Here in a single volume is everything the saltwater angler needs to know, from a long-time saltwater authority. Milt Rosko covers the tackle you’ll need and how to use it, what baits and lures to select for different species, the 50 most sought-after saltwater gamefish and much more, including June Rosko’s favorite recipes for preparing the catch, notes on introducing kids to the world of saltwater fishing, and thoughts on important conservation issues that affect  everyone who fishes the salt. This edition is revised and updated from the original 2001 publication, incorporating current trends in tackle, technique, and conservation.
Fishing the Great Lakes of New York: A guide to Lakes Erie and Ontarios, their tributaries and the Thousand Islands
By Spider Rybaak
Burford Books,; paperback, 224 pp.; $16.95.
Lakes Erie and Ontario, their tributaries, and the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River create the magical flow of New York’s north shore and the greatest freshwater fishery on the planet. The region boasts fish as impressive as they are numerous. Longtime local angling authority Spider Rybaak details everything the local or visiting angler needs to know, from access points, best fishing seasons, tackle tips, target-tailored fishing strategies and much more, for more than 100 specific spots in this unparalleled freshwater fishing paradise.

Just Keep Reeling

By Andy Whitcomb
self-published, e-book, 265 pp.; $4.99.
A collection of articles, columns, posts, and stories about fishing and the outdoors, written to inform, inspire, and above all, entertain. Andy Whitcomb is an avid angler, and “stressed out” father of two, currently chasing steelhead and smallmouth in Pennsylvania. He has a strong background in fisheries, having worked in fish hatcheries and as a fisheries research technician at Oklahoma State University, Iowa State University, and Michigan State University. This collection of his articles, columns, posts, and stories is available on ♦

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