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Day Hikes Around Missoula, Montana, including the Bitterroots and the Seeley-Swan Valley, 4th edition

By Robert Stone,
Day Hike Books Inc.; 272, softbound, $15.95. The book can be purchased from all the usual places: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, REI, and most book stores and outdoor shops.
Missoula, Mont., lies at the hub of five merging valleys and surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. The Clark Fork, Rattlesnake, and Bitterroot Rivers converge near the city center, where the streets are lined with historic buildings and residences from the National Register. A short distance in any direction leads to national forests and wilderness areas. Outdoor activities abound in the area! Now in its fourth edition, day Hikes around Missoula, Montana includes an excellent collection of 102 day hikes within a 100-mile radius of the city. While many hikes are located within the city itself, most are found in the surrounding valleys, mountains, and national forests.

Day Hikes Around Monterey & Carmel, 2nd edition

By Robert Stone,
Day Hike Books Inc.; 384 pages, softbound, $19.95. The book can be purchased from all the usual places: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, REI, and most book stores and outdoor shops.
Monterey County lies along an incredibly beautiful and scenic coastal stretch of the Pacific Ocean in Central California. Carmel, Pacific Grove, Monterey, and other picturesque communities dot a landscape abundant with green valleys, woodlands, beaches, parks, natural preserves, and secluded bays along the oceanfront. This completely updated edition of includes 128 hikes from the north end of Monterey Bay to the Big Sur coastline.

DEERLAND: America’s Hunt for Ecological Balance and the Essence of Wildness

By Al Cambronne,
Lyons Press, www. lyonspress.com; 272 pages, paperback, $18.95.
A timely and insightful look at the single most economically important and problematic wild creature in our midst. Whether you hunt them or watch them, love them or loathe them, and whether you care about the environment, the deer in your back yard, or the shrubbery they just ate, DEERLAND is an eye-opening read that will change forever the way you think about deer and the landscape we share with them.

Rifle Shots

By Roy Welch,
Sharpshooter Publications LLC, info@sharpshooterpublications. com; 212 pages, 49 photographs, 35 illustrations by noted wildlife artist Sharon Davis, soft cover, signed copy, $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping (Priority Mail).
“Roy knows his way around rifles and optics and everything else related to hunting, and is an exceptional writer. This will be a welcome addition to any shooter’s library,” said John Anderson, editor-in-chief, The Varmint Hunter Magazine. Based on 50-plus years of experience, Welch blends technical expertise and field experience to present strategies for accurate shot placement on varmints and game. Marksmanship topics include accurate rifle/cartridge combinations, sight settings related to target size and distance, lead-free bullets, game targets, ballistics software, compensating for wind deflection, and much more.

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