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The Field to Table Cookbook: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, & Hunting

By Susan L. Ebert
Welcome Books, an imprint of Rizzoli New York; hardcover; 288 pp.; 100 color photographs; $40.
“The Field to Table Cookbook” brings more than 150 family-pleasing, nutritious and accessible recipes to home cooks who want to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of procuring and cooking clean, organic meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The increasing popularity of the modern farm-to-table movement, bringing locally sourced food to the family, is brought to its logical conclusion with author Susan Ebert’s direction on which animals to hunt when, what species of fish to target each month and what native nuts, berries, roots and leaves are prime for foraging.

Sport Fishing in British Columbia

By Mary L. Peachin
Peachin Adventure; softcover and e-book; 192 pp.; $14.95 or $7.95 for e-book
In this book the author calls upon her expertise garnered from 40 years of angling. This book is for anyone interested in the excellent fishing that British Columbia offers. Information includes options for luxury destination lodges as well as those for self-contained independent anglers. There is information on fish species, techniques, where to go and what to take. It includes almost anything you would need to know if you were headed to British Columbia.

Day Hikes Around Sonoma County (2nd Edition)

By Robert Stone
Day Hike Books; softcover; 544 pp.; 448 maps; $21.95.
Sonoma County is 35 miles north of San Francisco on the Pacific coast. This California county is known for its wineries and a magnificent natural landscape, offering a picturesque mix of rugged coastline, steep cliffs, forested hillsides and verdant agricultural valleys. “Day Hikes Around Sonoma County,” (now in its 2nd edition) is a three-time award-winning book. The guide is a collection of 125 of the county’s best day hikes, providing access to both well-known and out-of-the-way greenspace. Hikes are found along the Pacific Ocean, across the coastal ridges, into wide valleys and through thick forests.

Family and the Great Outdoors

By Wayne Turner

Fairmont Press; hardcover; 195 pp.; $24.95.
“Family and the Great Outdoors” will capture the heart of anyone who has ever climbed a tree, or fished with their father. It takes the reader deep into the life of a man whose father showed him how to hunt, as well as live and pass their heritage on to the next generation. This book offers personal stories in the life of a great outdoorsman. ♦

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