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More Than a Fisherman

By Jim Grassi
Thomas Nelson Publishers; soft cover, 145 pp.; more than 22 images; $10.99.
Through the use of stories from modern day fishermen, readers are guided on a unique journey of how Jesus used eight of his 12 fishermen disciples in his ministry. This book gives insights into what it means to be a fisher of men and a great fisherman. An accomplished fisherman, storytelling comes easy for Grassi. He is able to mix his knowledge of God’s word, fishing experience, wit, humor and perspective into an enjoyable product that creates within us an appetite to live a more effective life.

Beyond my Wildest Dreams

By John Paul “Jack” Harris, Jr.
Self-published; soft cover, 172 pp.; $18.95.
This book has something for everyone, from the novice outdoorsmen to the journeymen enthusiast, taking you from the Alaskan wilderness to the deep Sea of Cortez and beyond. Share close encounters working with hundreds of bears. Scuba dive at some of the world’s most exciting locales. Go on an African safari trophy hunt. Observe animal species on the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Come along with Jack Harris as he offers hunting and fishing tips and tales grained through years of personal experience and professional guiding.

Successful Turkey Hunting

By John Higley and J.J. Reich
Skyhorse Publishing; hardcover; 304 pp.; $24.95.
“Successful Turkey Hunting” is based on five years of columns written for the publications of the National Wild Turkey Federation, with a few stories from other publications tossed in the mix. Authors John Higley and J. J. Reich have expanded and updated the articles for this book. Included are such subjects as what drives turkey behavior, the importance of calling, how anyone can learn to call, and the part woodcraft plays. Also included are thoughts on basic equipment and how to deal with a wide range of scenarios encountered while hunting wild turkeys.

Big Trophies, Epic Hunts: True Tales of Self-Guided Adventure from the Boone and Crockett Club

Introduction by Jason Matzinger, Boone and Crockett Club
Http://; hardcover and paperback; 280 pp.; $29.95 and $19.95.
Thirty amazing-but-true stories, each starring a determined hunter and a world-class trophy — most taken without a guide on public land — are the featured attractions in a new book by the Boone and Crockett Club. “Big Trophies, Epic Hunts” is a collection of incredible tales from Boone and Crockett’s trophy archives. Boone and Crockett members receive a discount if purchased directly from the club.

Inside the Wild 2

By Larry Oakley
General Store Publishing House; softcover; 142 pp., 38 photographs; $20.
Larry Oakley takes you deep inside the Ontario wilderness using vivid storytelling and poetic writing to provide simple, powerful insights into life and death in “Inside the Wild 2.” It gets you thinking about the hidden world of the hunter, and the thin grey line separating each of us from that world. It’s for hunters because Oakley captures in words what they feel in their hearts, and it’s for those who wonder why hunters hunt. Read about the predatory lives and minds of the animals that live in the wild, and the fascinating rituals of the ultimate predator — the hunter.

Black Bear Hunting: The Ultimate Reference, 2nd Edition

By Richard P. Smith
Smith Publications,; softcover; 384 pp.; $34.95.
With the recent release of the 2nd edition of “Black Bear Hunting: The Ultimate Reference” by expert Richard P. Smith from Marquette, Michigan, bear hunters can now get more information on the subject for far less money. As the book’s subtitle states, the new edition of “Black Bear Hunting” is the ultimate reference. A number of the book’s 37 chapters are devoted to each of the two most popular bear hunting methods — baiting and dogging — but all other techniques are also covered. ♦

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