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Right On Trek Backcountry meal of curry leaning on a log

RightOnTrek, the backcountry meal and trail planning plus gear rental company based in Kalispel, Montana, has developed an extensive line of backpacking meals that are truly nutritious and provide ample quality calories to keep you energized during any outdoor pursuit.

But, how do they taste? RightOnTrek asked me if I would taste test a couple of meals and give an honest review. 

I talked with Eric Boxer, director of development and production for the meal kits division. Experiences and sustainability are his primary goals. People that value outdoor experiences and prefer sharing a cooked meal as opposed to eating food that has been soaked in a bag are the target audience.

We also talked about RightOnTrek’s industry-first, ultra-light, 100% bio-based, 60% compostable packaging that can withstand traveling in a backpack under the harshest conditions. Their eco-friendly packaging was an Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award finalist at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show last January. The packaging keeps food safe for 12-18 months, and is a great fire starter once empty (I tested it).

RightOnTrek has a variety of meal choices and portion sizes (1, 2, or 4 person) so check out their website ( for all the options to customize your meals. Even though their Bechamel Mac and Cheese was awarded #1 rehydrated mac and cheese by Backpacker Magazine, I selected the Banana Bread Oatmeal and Coconut Chicken Curry to taste test. 

I’m a minimalist when it comes to salt and sugar intake; however, whenever I am enjoying my outdoor adventures, I’m all for an extra sugar buzz when needed and keeping my electrolytes in balance. These meals don’t go overboard on either the salt or sugar. 

For me, the portion sizes were just right. Directions – boil water in a pot and add package contents – for both meals were spot-on accurate and rehydrated perfectly in the time stated on the package. 

True to its name, the Banana Bread Oatmeal tastes like banana bread and was hearty and satisfying. When you add the condiments (walnuts, dried fruit, powdered milk/cream) you get a creamy oatmeal with an intense vanilla background.

The Coconut Chicken Curry was delicious! Mixing in the peanut butter and sprinkling the top with cashews from the condiment bag – excellent. If you like your curry on the hot side there is a small packet of sriracha sauce for that extra zing. My only recommendation would be for a little more chicken.

The condiment bags are plastic; however, they are resealable and a convenient size to reuse and will come in handy for various uses on the trail. 

Both the oatmeal and curry were truly delicious and satisfying. These meals were superior to other dehydrated meals I have had in the past. They are nutritious and provide ample calories for outdoor activities while keeping your backpack light and enhancing your backcountry experience. 

They haven’t figured out how to dehydrate wine, but they are working on beer.

RightonTrek is a proud corporate sponsor of OWAA.

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