ASA launches FishSmart Tackle program

The American Sportfishing Association recently announced FishSmart Tackle, a program aimed at reducing mortality in released fish by the correct use of innovative sportfishing products. The new program comes as part of FishSmart, a collaborative effort aimed at developing techniques, management approaches and now tackle that reduce the overall impact of recreational fishing.
In addition to the development and promotion of conservation-minded tackle, FishSmart will continue to:

  • Expand the current knowledge and understanding of released fish survival.
  • Develop and employ new technologies to enhance survival of released fish.
  • Promote the adoption of improved catch and release techniques.
  • Develop innovative practices, equipment and management approaches to prevent the catch of unwanted fish.

FishSmart is a collaborative effort between the recreational fishing industry, anglers, federal and state fisheries managers and scientists. For more information on the program and its supporters, visit

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