Aeon Marine's Beavertail Skiffs release signature series featuring OWAA member

Stu Apte has been given a designed consultant partner position with Aeon Marine’s Beavertail Skiffs for the “Stu Apte Signature Series” that will be available in the marketplace by late January 2012. Apte promises his signature series boat will be the most angler friendly backcountry boat ever produced, using advanced technology which eliminates the compromise between a shallow draft boat and a comfortable ride. Apte has been involved in designing shallow water backcountry skiffs for more than 50 years and says the work he is doing with Beavertail Skiffs, setting up a “Stu Apte Signature Series” creates the quintessential backcountry boat with a soft, dry ride en route to the fishing grounds, that is easy to pol,e and will float and track quietly in as little as six inches of water.

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