Writing a success story for OWAA

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It seems every week there is another story about how media and communication is changing. Some of these are depressing, another article on layoffs at another esteemed newspaper. Some of these are inspiring, tales of innovation and surges in new ways people are consuming stories and news. At OWAA we try to stay malleable enough that we can move with the changes, while remaining ridgid at our core, our values and focus on the importance of outdoor communication remains unchanged.
It isn’t always easy, but as you can see by these graphs created by Colleen Miniuk Sperry, our membership services committee chair, it seems to be working. We have more than 300 members who have been with us for 20 or more years. Think about how much media and communication has changed in those 20 years and yet there are people who found us valuable then and still today. Our strength comes from our members, which is why we are always working, not just to serve those already joined, but recruit the best in outdoor communication to join our ranks.
As we prepare for our annual conference in July in Billings, Montana, this year, we hope you’ll join us, not just at conference where you’ll hone your skills for your craft and take home story ideas, but in inviting others to join our ranks. Conference is a great introduction to the organization and we hope you’ll invite your colleagues to come. For whom the trip is too far, consider sending them a link to our new recruitment information, https://owaa.org/file/individual-membership-brochure 2016.pdf, created this year by Tom Keer. It’s also a great resource for current members to peruse as a reminder of all OWAA offers.
We hope you’ll join us in our recruitment efforts and helping our story become one of success, innovation and growth. The more members we have, the more we can do for everyone, including you. ♦
— Editor Kelsey Dayton, editor@owaa.org

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