Product Review: ThinkTank Pixel Sunscreen v2.0

By Jonathan Lawton
If you have ever tried to use your laptop computer outdoors on a sunny day, you know just how washed-out and dull your normally vivid screen appears. The Pixel Sunscreen is a light, compact and collapsible tent that shields your laptop screen from the sun’s harsh glare. When opened, the sunscreen is 14.5 inches wide by 22 inches tall by 19.5 inches deep. It accommodates laptop screens up to 17 inches wide and features openings at the sides and rear for the routing of power and USB cables. The bottom of the Sunscreen is coated inside and out with a non-slip material so there’s worry about your laptop or the Sunscreen sliding around. The Pixel Sunscreen comes with two inside mesh storage pockets. A movable clip, hung from the top of the tent, is useful for hanging printed information. When you are done using the Sunscreen, it collapses down to a 14- by 1-inch disc for easy portability.

The Pixel Sunscreen makes it much easier to view your laptop screen when outdoors or in any other environment where you cannot control ambient lighting. Being a photographer myself, I recognize that the Sunscreen is a valuable tool that makes it possible to confidently edit images on location, as opposed to back in the office. Like other ThinkTank Photo products, the Pixel Sunscreen is designed with an emphasis on functionality and convenience. The Pixel Sunscreen comes with a lifetime warranty and currently sells for $69.99.
ThinkTank Photo is a California-based company that specializes in designing innovative products to help photographers get the most out of their equipment. While they are most commonly known for their extensive equipment carrying solutions to include backpacks, rolling cases and beltpacks, ThinkTank also carries some well-designed accessory products like the recently released Pixel Sunscreen v2.0. ◊
Jonathan Lawton is a 2003 graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied photojournalism. He operates a photography business, specializing in wedding and portrait photography, Contact Lawton at

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