Swarovski announces new spotting scopes

Swarovski Optik North America recently announced the ATX/STX family of spotting scopes. The new spotting scopes allow users to adapt to a wide range of situations without compromising performance or features.
The ATX/STX family, featuring modular flexibility and an ergonomic design, were designed with user friendliness in mind.  The zoom and focusing rings are situated next to each other, ensuring quick, intuitive operation with just one hand. All scopes in the line also feature two eyepiece modules and three objective modules with diameters of 65, 85 and 95 mm. 
The ATX/STX spotting scopes feature Swarovision technology, using flattener lenses to produce an image with razor-sharp clarity right up to the edge. The HD lenses provide rich contrast and exceptional color fidelity. They also offer a wide field of view, extended eye relief, and are complete with Swarovski Optik’s optimized specialty coatings, Swarodur, Swarotop and Swaroclean.
For more information on the ATX/STX family of spotting scopes, visit http://atx-stx.swarovskioptik.com.

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