OWAA Spring 2024 outdoor gear guide 

Spring is the ideal season to rejuvenate your outdoor gear collection in anticipation of your summer and fall adventures. Whether you’re hitting the trails, exploring new waterways or going on that much-anticipated camping, hunting or fishing trip, you may want to try out some of our recommended Spring gear. 

Below is a curated selection of outdoor gear — recommended (and field tested) by our OWAA staff.

  • KUIU Gila Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt
  • KUIU ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew
  • Oru Beach LT Sport Kayak
  • Rab Muon ND 40 Backpack
  • Greys 4-piece Fin Fly Rod Combo
  • Toadfish 7” Stowaway Folding Filet Knife
  • Toadfish Stowaway lantern
  • Zenbivy Soft Top pillow
  • Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt + Sheet
  • Stio Skycrest Insulated Snap Shirt
  • Luno Car Camping Gear
  • Buff Original Ecostretch UPF 50 neckwear
  • Patagonia hemp pocket work tee
  • Wanderfull Cross Body Hydrobag
  • Breeo Y-Series portable fire pit
  • Breeo X-Series chairs
  • Women’s Vasque Re: Connect – Here
  • Cotopaxi Coso 2L Hip Pack – Cada Dia
  • Helinox Table Four
  • Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket
  • Bike Tow Leash
  • Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Low Crew 
  • Salewa Boots

KUIU Gila Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

This Kuiu Gila Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt is a lightweight sun hoodie with UPF 50+ sun protection and an anti-odor treatment — making it perfect for warm-weather adventures. The cool-touch fabric (a polyester nylon blend) keeps you comfortable in warm weather. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, hunting or just enjoying the outdoors, this hoodie is versatile. KUIU offers this hooded shirt in men’s and women’s styles and it’s one of KUIU’s top sellers. Check current price.

KUIU ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew

This long sleeve KUIU ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew shirt is incredibly soft and stretchy. It’s a great hunting base/mid layer (or stand-alone next-to-skin shirt) for Spring when the mornings and evenings are cool and during warm weather days. Rated on the KUIU site as best for wearing in 45-74°F. This 90% Merino wool and 10% Nylon blend fabric also has UPF 50+ sun protection and wicks away odor. And it’s made from a high-performance blend of New Zealand Merino wool. The added thumb holes are a nice touch. The men’s ULTRA Merino 120 LT LS Crew-T is similar and a KUIU best seller. Check current price.

Oru Beach LT Sport Kayak

The ORU Beach LT Sport Kayak is a well-designed and comfortable kayak. The fact that Oru’s engineers found a way to take a 12-foot kayak and fold it down to a manageable size “suitecase-like” shape that fits in the trunk of your car is impressive. This kayak is also easy to assemble once you get the hang of it. I recommend practicing assembly and disassembly a few times in your living room so you’re confident when you get outside. By myself I can assemble it in about 25-30 minutes. With another person, you can assemble it in about 15 minutes. 

This Beach LT Sport is roomy and glides nice on the water. So far I’ve tested it on calm lakes and ponds here in my home state of Montana. This design has a built-in rail so you can mount accessories like a fishing rod holder. And it weighs just 28 lbs. so you can carry it comfortably to the water. You can fold it thousands of times and it has a 10-year UV treatment. This kayak is perfect if your storage is limited. It also eliminates the need for a truck or top car rack to travel with your kayak. Check current price.

Rab Muon ND 40 Hiking Pack

This Rab Muon ND 40L Hiking Pack is ultralight — weighing less than 2 lbs. This backpack is ideal if you like to move fast on the trail. And it’s incredibly comfortable. Rab engineers designed this pack with a TRI-FLEX™ carry system that fits close to your back and gives you freedom to move. You can also roll the top down to keep everything compact when you pull out layers to use. This backpack is perfect for multi-day hikes. Check current price.

Greys 4 piece Fin Fly Rod Combo

This Greys Fin Fly Combo comes with nearly everything you need to head out fishing. Just secure your fly to the leader and hit the water. I have the 9’ 5 wt combo and the pre-fitted leader (already attached to the floating line) is a time saver. This rod is also fairly precise and has a smooth drag system. It also comes with a rod/reel combo case that makes this rod easy to transport. And it’s affordable — compared to rods by Sage and Orvis that can run $1,000-$3,000+. Overall, this is a nice beginner or intermediate fly rod. 

The pre-fitted leader, already attached to the floating line, saves you precious time and ensures that the line is balanced for optimal performance.

The expanded Fin combo range offers a high performance “just add water” solution to the Greys combo assortment. Featuring the Greys Fin fly reel, a high performance fast action Fin fly rod, and a fully fitted twin colour floating line complete with backing and fitted leader. Check current price

Toadfish Folding Fillet Knife 

Toadfish is known for its innovative and eco-friendly products designed for coastal and outdoor living. You may have seen (or tried) their non-tipping can coolers that suction to surfaces like boat decks and car hoods. But they also offer fishing tools and accessories like a folding filet knife and stowaway lantern. 

This Toadfish Folding Fillet knife has the same quality you’d expect from Toadfish with a Titanium coated salt-tough blade. It’s compact, portable and a great addition to your cooking session. It’s also great for cutting bait. The  built-in “stowaway” carabiner makes it easy to attach this folding filet knife to your pack. Check current price

Toadfish Stowaway lantern

The Toadfish Stowaway LED Lantern suctions (or magnetizes) to most surfaces like a boat (just like the non-tip can cooler) and makes a nice addition to your campsite. It has a shatter-proof shell and sealed aluminum housing so it’s durable. It also floats and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about losing it when you’re out on the water. The lantern can stand up on a table using the carabiner as a kick stand. You can also hang it on your boat or tent for extra lighting. On medium, the LED light will last up to 11 hours on a single charge. Check current price

New Zenbivy Soft Top pillow 

This Zenbivy Soft Top Pillow, Regular is perfect for backpacking trips. It’s comfortable and light. With a down pillow topper that’s plush you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for portability. The ultralight inflatable bladder gives your head support. And since you fill the bladder with air, you can customize it to your preferred firmness. The removeable pillowcase makes it easy to keep your pillow fresh. Just slip it off, wash it and reuse. The regular size pillow weighs in at just 6.1 oz. (Down pillow topper: 3.5 oz, air bladder: 1.4 oz and pillowcase: 1.1 oz.) Check current price

New Zenbivy 25° Ultralight Quilt & Sheet

The new Zenbivy Ultralight Quilt + Sheet set is innovative, ultralight and known by through hikers to be one of the most comfortable full-featured sleep set ups for the trail. It’s also perfect for side sleepers as it doesn’t restrict your movement lik traditional mummy sleeping bags. Zenbivy product engineers designed this sleep system with 10D Pertex® — a soft and featherlight fabric. This unique fabric feels luxurious. The premium down insulation (900fp Expe DRY™ good down) keeps you warm without adding bulk to your pack. 

The patented comfort features of the Zenbivy sleep system stand out. The little details make a big difference without any extra weight. Zenbivy offers a ultralight mattresses, weight just 1 lb. 1 oz. to pair with this setup.  The quilt and sheet set also fits on most regular size backpacking mattresses. Check current price

Stio Skycrest Insulated Snap Shirt

This Stio Insulated Snap Shirt is ideal for chilly Spring hikes and cool evenings by the campfire. With 60g Thermore Ecodown synthetic insulation, this shirt/jacket gives you warmth without bulk. It’s also a sustainable option and the snaps are easy to snap on and off. 

“Our Ecodown insulation is the sustainable alternative to down, made up of 100% post consumer plastic bottles. The Skycrest Jacket is filled with our Ecodown, which provides extra warmth, comfort and is very easy to care for,” said Joe DiGirolamo, Thermore’s Head of North American Sales. 

“Thermore is all about high performance, longevity and caring for the planet.”

Not only is this snap shirt warm, I love that you can pack it down easily in your pack. It’s also great for fly-fishing and late-season mountain biking. And if you get caught in the rain this fabric dries quickly as the 100% nylon shell has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish — a special coating — to enhance water resistance. Check current price

Luno gear and shoe storage on the outside of a car.

Luno Car Camping Gear

Luno Gear & Shoe storage bag

Luno is known for their innovative (and comfortable) car, SUV, truck and adventure van air mattresses. But they also offer a range of car camping gear like bedding and other accessories. Here are the top field-tested favorite accessories from Luno that can help you organize your space and give you privacy while you’re car camping. 

This Luno Gear & Shoe storage bag has strong magnets so you can easily attach it to the side of your vehicle. It’s great for storing your hiking boots and the mesh bottom it helps your shoes air out overnight. It’s also water-resistant on top so you can keep the dew at bay in the morning. Check current price

Luno Car Window Screens

If you want air flow, sun protection and little privacy, these Luno Car Window Screens give you all three. But the main benefit is that you can use these window screens with your car windows rolled down to keep bugs outside. They also give you nice air flow while you’re sleeping. The elastic band works well by giving you a tight seal. The set up is easy and the screens come in a small stuff pouch. Check current price. Check current price

Luno Cargo hammock

This Luno Cargo hammock helps you keep your car camping space clutter free and hangs on the ceiling of your car. It can hold up to 60 lbs. and it has multiple pockets and outer loops. If you have a tablet, you can use the clear pocket to watch a movie while you’re laying down. And this cargo hammock fits most SUVs and hatchbacks. Check current price

Buff Original Ecostretch UPF 50

This Buff Original Ecostretch neckwear with UPF 50 sun protection is great for multifunctional use. You can use it to shield your neck, your face or your entire head. The eco-friendly fabric is soft and stretchy. It’s especially great for fishing and in windy/dirty conditions while hiking, camping or mountain biking to keep the elements at bay. Check current price.

Patagonia work pocket tee split with two images.

Patagonia Work Pocket Tee

Patagonia’s entire workwear line — like their all-season hemp overallsvest and jacket — are made of the same high quality fabrics you’d expect from Patagonia. 

One of the best items in this Patagonia workwear collection is the hemp Work Pocket Tee. The heavyweight organic cotton/hemp blend makes this fabric durable, soft and stretchy. But it also breathes really well and moves with you whether you’re chopping firewood at camp or out hiking. If you’re an outdoor journalist, the front pocket is the perfect size for a small Rite-in-the-rain notebook and pen. Patagonia offers this style in long sleeve, short sleeve and a variety of colors. You can also get this tee in both men’s and women’s styles. Check current price

Wanderfull Cross Body Hydrobag

The Wanderfull Cross Body Hydrobag gives you a way to easily tow your water bottle hands free without shoulder strain. It’s great for travel, short hikes or daily outings. It also doubles as storage with a couple of zip pockets to fit things like your phone and passport. Check current price.

Breeo Y-Series Portable Fire Pit

This smokeless (Made in the U.S.) Breeo Y-Series Fire Pit is portable and makes a nice addition to your campsite. The handle makes it easy to transport and move around your campsite and it’s also great to use in your backyard. It has expandable legs and enhanced airflow — giving you get an efficient clean burn. You can also use wood, lump charcoal or pellets in this fire pit. Breeo offers other accessories for the Y-Series  like a heat deflector and the Outpost grill (which is great for cooking chicken, burgers and hot dogs.) Check current price

Breeo X Series Chairs Sitting Around a X Series Fire Pit.

Breeo X-Series Chair

If you want to bring the camping atmosphere to your backyard, the eco-friendly Breeo X-Series Chairs make a nice addition. These chairs are made in the U.S. from sustainable poly lumber with 304 stainless steel accents. And they are built to last outdoors. Some people say these chairs are fit for a king given how well they promote good posture and that they can support up to 400 lbs. The ergonomic design gives you firm support when sitting. Breeo also warrants these chairs against chipping, peeling, rotting, splintering or cracking and they use a UV coating so the color won’t fade. You can also get a Breeo tray or cup holder to add to the chairs so you can eat and drink in comfort. Check current price

Vasque Re: Connect – Here Trail Shoes

These Vasque Re: Connect hiking shoes were designed for comfort and sustainability. The recycled polyester upper mesh is breathable and the outer soles are rugged enough to withstand rugged terrain. The wrap around form fitting tongue makes these hiking shoes snug and comfortable. The form fitting design is especially nice to keep out small pebbles if you’re heading out without ankle gaiters. The cushion on the heel gives these shoes an elevated feel. Check current price

Cotopaxi hip pack outdoors in pink and orange.

Cotopaxi Coso 2L Hip Pack – Cada Dia

In true Cotopaxi colorful fashion, this Coso 2L Hip Pack — Cada Dia is made of 100% recycled material. And it’s practical for travel, short hikes, urban exploration and for everyday use. It’s adjustable so you can customize it to get a perfect fit. The inside phone pocket fits larger phones with a case like an iPhone max and the main opening gives you easy access to your essentials. This little hip pack is fun and quality made. Check current price

Helinox Table Four

This Helinox Table Four is the perfect height for a campsite dinner table and can easily fit four adults and a couple kiddos. The poles are made of DAC’s proprietary aluminum allow — meaning the legs are strong and lightweight. The top is like canvas, made of 100% recycled 600D polyester. It’s durable and water-resistant. It’s easy to put together and packs up nicely in the included carrying case. It weighs just over 10 lbs. and can support up to 110 lbs. Check current price

Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket

The Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket is also a poncho, a hooded poncho and a pillow.  And you can use it like a sleeping bag. Since it has a unique button-up design, you can connect multiple blankets together to create a space for a larger picnic area. It’s also made of ripstop nylon so it’s less prone to rips and tears and is water-resistant. The fleece lining adds a little warmth, but this blanket is made for mild conditions, like Spring and Summer. Check current price

Image of a dog on the bike tow leash connected to a bike.

Bike Tow Leash

If you love biking with your dog, this Bike Tow Leash gives you a safe and easy way to hit the bike path. My chocolate lab, Gunner, took to this leash easily and the end gives a nice loose leash reward for that perfect position beside you when you’re giving directions, speeding up and slowing down. And there is no risk of your dog getting tangled as it’s a straight leash 29 inches from your bike. It’s easy to install and you’ll want to make sure you check the fit chart so you have the right leash for your bike. Check current price

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Low Crew 

Ibex is known for their quality (and soft) wool fabrics sourced from Australia. This Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Low Crew is perfect for hiking, trail running and just about every outdoor adventure in warm weather for Spring and Summer. It’s odor resistant so it keeps you dry and smelling fresh even with strenuous activity. It’s very soft to the touch and stretchy. Ibex offers this tee in men’s and women’s styles. Check current price

Selewa Puez boots

Salewa Puex Mid Powertex Women’s Boots 

These Selewa Puez Mid Powertex boots have a nice blend of advanced design and practicality — making them an excellent choice for both rugged mountain hikes and urban adventures. They have an abrasion-resistant ripstop polyester upper that’s reinforced with an external toe cap and a full protective rubber rand — meaning they can stand up to the elements. And they’re waterproof. I found these boots give you a nice soft cushion when you’re hiking, which helps reduce fatigue. Check current price

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