Rochester Conference

Conference Program Chair Mike Walker has put together an outstanding meeting agenda. Highlights include the annual Becoming an Outdoors Communicator workshop. If you’re new to outdoor communications, this session on the first morning of conference is a must-attend event.  Also on opening day, meet face to face with acquisitions editors at the annual “Meet the Editors” event. This is a tremendous opportunity to build relationships and sell yourself to prospective buyers.
The conference agenda will explore opportunities with technology, including social networking 101; finding sponsors for blogs; how to edit photos, video and text and quickly upload to YouTube; radio syndication and networking; what to expect from a professional Web site designer; and Internet marketing. Sessions are also planned on the sport utility rifle, philosophy of outdoor writing, floating the Driftless Area of Minnesota, and much more. The second day of the conference, Friday, June 11, will combine the Shooting Program and Breakout Day into an all-day affair at Gamehaven Scout Camp. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. See the complete meeting agenda at
Local Conference Chair Tim Lesmeister has organized several pre- and post-conference trips. Bass and trout fishing are the emphasis. Find details and contact information at Lesmeister also recommends touring the nearby national headquarters and museum of the Pope and Young Club, where you can take in the Pope and Young Club’s plethora of artifacts and history. If you’re a bowhunter and/or are interested in learning more about their conversation program, it’s only a few minutes drive from OWAA’s conference site.

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