Product Review: Induro PHQ1 5-Way Panhead

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One of the most overlooked tools in a photographers bag is your tripod head. You have the perfect camera, the right lens for the job and a steady tripod. But what are you using to move and position your shot when your camera is on your tripod? That is where the right tripod head factors in. Your tripod head is the one piece you will move and maneuver to get the right shot. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to move and position your shot comfortably and precisely.
This is where the Induro PHQ1 5-Way Panhead comes into play. It’s a beautifully-designed head with precise movements and accurate levels. When you first look at the PHQ1, you will notice how well it is designed. The PHQ1 has two side handles that are just the right length and fold down without having to unscrew them. This makes it very convenient for traveling. Like the name suggests, this tripod head pans in five different directions for the most complete control. You can pan sideways from the base, but also have a smooth base, as the top the pans independently. This ensures you are level when panning or doing a panoramic. There are spirit levels on each plane, so you can keep horizontal and vertical movements straight. The Induro PHQ1 supports up to 25.3 pounds, making it useful for a wide range of camera-and-lens combinations. It comes with and supports all Arca Swiss-style plates.
I found that one very useful part of the PHQ1 Head is that the top knob allows you to easily and smoothly pan. Your horizon will stay level and makes it easy to take multiple images for panoramic shots. It also works great when taking a video clip and panning. While this head may have more than every user needs, you will find it a joy to work with. It makes it easy to set up your shots with accurate control.
The PHQ1 retails at $315. You can contact me at for 15 percent off. ♦
—Keith Patankar works in outside sales, marketing and specialty market at Hunts Photo & Video in Melrose, Mass. Please feel free to contact Patankar directly at 781-462-2340 with any related question.

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