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Al Hauge

Al Hauge resides in Spokane, Wash. He is currently a contributing editor to ClayshootingUSA and TrapshootingUSA magazines from Brunton Publishing in San Antonio, Texas. Hauge also writes for about his western wing shooting experiences. Hauge is an avid outdoors man, primarily involved in bird hunting, sporting clays and trap shooting. Originally from New England, he grew up in the outdoors . Hauge is married to Diane and they have two grown daughters and two young granddaughters. He also is very involved in his photography and he enjoys traveling with his wife. Hauge enjoys writing about the many interesting people he meets everywhere he travels in the sports he specializes in. Hauge’s hobbies include golf and fine wine. “I have long admired this organization and I am please to be a new member.”

Ken Morrow

Ken Morrow is a popular fly-fishing blogger who writes the syndicated blog, Upstream, and the column, “Fly Fishing News,” for, a division of MSNBC. He also writes a hunting blog called “Shooters of the Campo Grande Ranch,” and does freelance editing work, public and media relations consulting and is a frequent guest lecturer.  In 2008, he appeared in the award-winning documentary film “We All Live Downstream” and on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”  Disabled himself, Ken is also the founder of the Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute, a nonprofit organization promoting and developing fly-fishing both as a disabled recreational sport and as an alternative therapy for a wide range of physical and mental disorders.

Jeff Nedwick

Jeff Nedwick is a freelance writer and life-long resident of Michigan. He has published several articles for the Lapeer County Press and the Michigan Outdoor News. Living in Michigan is a blessing for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors and Jeff has made the most of this opportunity. He was active in the burgeoning bass tournament scene of the 1970s and was a member and officer in several local bass fishing organizations.  Although no longer an avid tournament fisherman, the techniques and knowledge acquired in this highly competitive sport proved invaluable as his interests have expanded to include nearly all freshwater species that swim in Michigan’s lakes and streams. Jeff and his German short-haired pointer Sadie also enjoy waterfowl and upland game hunting. Springtime turkey hunting, bird watching, photography, Great Lakes ship-watching and camping also compete for an increasingly small share of his free time.

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