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Hunting Deer, Elk and Antelope in the Western States


By Col. John H. Roush Jr., Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2009,, 295 pp., softcover $18.69, hardcover $28.79.
For Roush, “leaving of nature and enjoying its varied beauty is a great part of hunting.” This book is his account of memorable experiences while hunting in the Western states. Many chapters are expansions of previously published magazine articles.

Memories of an Interesting Life


By Col. John H. Roush Jr., Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2009,, 243 pp., softcover $19.99, hardcover $29.99.
Roush recounts the historic events he has experienced and been involved in, the environments in which he has lived, providing a peek into his octogenarian psyche, “for whatever that is worth.”

Here’s how to: Bait-Fishing for Trout


By Terry Sheely, Frank Amato Publications, Inc., Portland, Ore., 2009,, full color, 80 pp., $9.95.
This book is the perfect size for pockets and tackle boxes. Sheely explains the basics of one of the most traditional and productive techniques for catching trout. He touches on rods, reels, lines and other terminal gear. He also shows how to tie knots, select rigging, and attach weights and hooks. Included is information about different trout species, where to catch them and the hottest baits.


Endangered Species: California Fish and Game Wardens

Narrated by Jameson Parker, produced by James Swan and Andrew Swan of Snow Good Productions, P.O. Box 2460, Mill Valley, CA 94942,, $22 ($25 foreign).

Game wardens enforce a wider range of law — wildlife, criminal, civil, and traffic law — than any other state law enforcement officer. And California has the worst game wardens per capita ratio than any state or Canadian providence. With only 192 game wardens in the field, that state attracts organized crime that includes poaching, which has contributed to more than $100 million a year in black market value.


Here’s how to: Fishing Rigs


By Robert Campbell, Frank Amato Publications, Inc., Portland, Ore., 2009,, black and white, 56 pp., $7.95.
This pegboard book is the perfect size to stash away in a glove box or pocket. Campbell includes information found in his Salmon Trout Steelheader column “Illustrated Rigging” and large-format book of the same name. This book features easy-to-read illustrations and a bonus section on knots, with illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild


By Craig Childs, Back Bay Books,, New York, March 2009, 352 pp., paperback, $14.99.
Childs recounts his dramatic firsthand encounters with wild animals — from discovering a mysterious unkindness of ravens during adolescent bird-watching expeditions, and a standoff with a mountain lion, to a nightmarish conflict with mosquitoes in the Yukon. He combines species characteristics, ancient mythology and evolutionary biology with his own adventures. The book is illustrated with original woodcuts.

Henry the Impatient Heron


By Donna Love, illustrated by Christina Wald, Sylvan Dell Publishing, Mount Pleasant, S.C., 2009,, 32 pp., paperback $8.95, hardcover $16.95.
Henry the Heron couldn’t stand still! But herons have to stand still to catch their food, so how would Henry ever be able to eat on his own? In her children’s book, Love takes readers along with Henry as he learns an important lesson from the King of Camouflage. ◊


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