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Nighhawk expands flashlight offerings, maintains high quality standards

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Nighthawk has a long and steeped history in the LED Flashlight market place. Originally founded in 1995, our mission today is the same as it has been since day one: Provide our customers exceptional products
and experiences. We have had the honor and privilege to continually deliver on that mission since our inception.
We are a small company with a huge talent pool that keeps us on the leading edge of the marketplace. Our team is comprised of people who are exceptional within their disciplines. Each team, from product design to supply chain, to marketing, have total autonomy with only one objective; to perform to the highest standard
for the collective good of our customers and each other.
Nighthawk has evolved from producing a hands-free LED flashlight designed and developed for military pilots during Operation Desert Storm, into a specialty flashlight company that manufactures a variety of flashlights and now solar and battery charging devices and accessories. They are manufactured to the highest standards by using only the best manufacturing processes, materials and components available, giving each of our products superior functionality and making them easy to use, reliable and rugged.
Our products are focused on individual and close proximity uses, where ease of use convenience and reliability are key factors our users demand. Over the last 20 years not only have LED flashlights changed
the way we live, work and play, LED performance, brightness, durability and cost have continued to change the LED flashlight landscape. The energy sources and methods of keeping our devices charged and readily available has undergone a major shift as well. Advances in solar technology have made it possible for individuals to carry personal devices to harness the power of the sun just about anywhere. Now you can have peace of mind that not only can you have some of the most trusted flashlights in the world but you can power up your devices with energy – directly from the sun.
Nighthawk Lights— Next Generation Gear— it is not just what we do. It is who we are. For more information contact Keith Lucas at 803-271-0588 or, or visit

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