Letters to the Editor

Scholarship Helps Student with Career

I am one of the 2012 Bodie McDowell Scholarship recipients. I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted an internship with The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. I will be doing environmental and enterprise reporting there! Thanks again for the opportunity to apply for this great scholarship and the doors it has opened up for me!
Emma Murray

Outdoor Writing vs. Investigative Journalism

[In the February/March issue of OU], W.H. “Chip” Gross sells the OWAA membership short by assuming that outdoor writers don’t produce solid investigative journalism. I made my reputation on doing exactly that, here and abroad, on conservation and environmental assignments that sometimes involved risk of life and limb. One such effort reached the finalist level of the National Magazine Awards. Another member who is among the best investigative journalists anywhere: Ted Williams. And there are others as well.
The reason why many members do not produce more investigative journalism is that they are outdoor writers, not trained journalists. Not that anything is wrong with simply writing but it takes additional skills to produce and write a solid investigative piece.
Edward Ricciuti, Killingworth, Conn.

Feedback guidelines

Members are encouraged to write about issues and topics. The executive director and editor will decide whether opinions are appropriate for debate or if the comments promote a personal cause; if the “cause” is unrelated to OWAA’s mission and potentially damaging to the membership, the letter might not be printed. Word limit: 400. Longer letters will be returned for revision. Send letters to editor@owaa.org.

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