LDWF reminds migratory bird hunters of HIP certification requirement

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reminds all migratory bird hunters that state and federal regulations require them to be Harvest Information Program certified. If you hunt ducks, coots, geese, brant, swans, doves, band-tailed pigeons, woodcock, rails, snipe, sandhill cranes or gallinules, you are required to participate in the HIP in each state that you hunt. Hunters obtain their HIP certification at no cost and are obtained where all hunting licenses are sold. Data gathered from HIP participants provides state wildlife managers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service a more accurate method of estimating the number of migratory birds harvested annually in each state. The information is used by biologists to justify season lengths, bag limits and population monitoring. For more information, contact Jeff Duguay at 225-765-2353 or jduguay@wlf.la.gov.

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