Porta-Bote Folding Boats Again Revolutionizes The Small Boat World

On the anniversary of 40 years of continuous production, Porta-Bote International has introduced the first
major changes in over 22 years. The internationally patented Porta-Bote is now available in the new ALPHA
Series in 8′ (2.85m), 10’ (3.27m), 12’ (3.85m) and 14’ (4.28m) models.
An example. The new ALPHA Series folding transom is now a completely integral part of the boat and
actually FOLDS AND UNFOLDS with the hull. It’s not a separate, large, cumbersome piece. This is a major
change many Porta-Bote owners (there are over 100,000) have been asking for. Up till now a Porta-Bote owner
needed to insert and remove the large, important transom of the boat when opening or closing the folding hull.
This included inserting and tightening 12 separate pieces of hardware. This time consuming step has been
eliminated. It required almost two years to completely re-engineer the boat and still keep it’s ability to perform as
well or better than the previous, older version. The new version required 14 international patent applications as
many other less obvious design changes and improvements were also needed.
The new ALPHA 1 Series Porta-Botes can be opened or closed in just minutes, weigh half as much as
comparable aluminum and fiberglass boats and store easily when folded flat. The tough hulls carry a 10 year
limited warranty by the manufacturer, never need painting and are unaffected by saltwater, fuel and even battery
acid. The new, internationally patented series is available in Pacific Pearl, Duck Hunter Green, Aluminium and
The new hull’s design traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat to dramatically reduce drag while
increasing speed and stability. As for performance, Porta-Botes leave similar sized inflatables and, aluminum
boats “in their wake” only needing half the horsepower and using half the fuel of these heavier boats
Naturally, Porta-Botes are ideal for the boating enthusiast who enjoys fishing, hunting, SCUBA and sailing
but lacks the space to store an ordinary boat (Condo & Apartment dwellers). Porta-Botes are also extremely
practical for owners of small autos and Rvs since they easily stow on the roof or side of the vehicle. By eliminating
the need to tow a heavy trailer, fuel costs are significantly reduced. In addition to being used as an owner’s
main craft, Porta-Botes make excellent ship-to-shore dinghies since they take up so little space on board
sailboats and cabin cruisers.
INTERNET: www.porta-bote.com E-MAIL: info@portaboat.com TEL: 1(800)227-8882

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