Flip Video UltraHD

By Jonathan Lawton

Pure Digital Technologies is a California-based company that pioneered the concept of the ultra-compact video camera. Pure Digital recently released its latest compact video camcorder called the Flip UltraHD.  The UltraHD, as the name suggests, is capable of recording in full 1280×720 high definition. It features eight gigabytes of internal flash memory, a two-inch LCD screen, and a built-in stereo microphone. Other features include HDMI output, USB rechargeable AA battery pack, a flip-out USB arm to connect the camcorder to your computer, and preloaded FlipShare software for easy video editing. What is most impressive about the Flip UltraHD is that it’s able to pack all of those features into a camcorder that is about the size of a deck of cards.
Flip_UltraHD-PhotoThe UltraHD is extremely user friendly. The menus are extremely easy to navigate and you can control every function on the camcorder with just one hand. To operate the camera, you simply need to point the camera in the direction you wish to capture your video and press the large red button to begin recording. The 8GB of built-in memory will allow you to record up to 120 minutes of HD footage. The HD video quality is quite impressive. The video files are sharp and bright. Since it records in 30 frames per second, the UltraHD renders moving subjects smoothly, creating a very natural look. The color reproduction is faithful and not over saturated like many other pocket camcorders.
Like everything else about the UltraHD, downloading your footage to your computer is very easy. Simply, flip out the built in USB connection and hook up the camcorder to you computer. The FlipShare software that comes pre-loaded on the device installs quickly and is compatible with both Macintosh and PC platforms. The software is very straight forward and allows you to edit your video clips into a seamless movie. You can also use the software to add music and credits to your videos, as well as upload to YouTube or other video sharing websites.
Its compact size, ease of use and great image quality makes the Flip UltraHD a perfect choice for people looking for a no-nonsense, go anywhere HD camcorder. The UltraHD retails for $199 and is available in two color choices: black with silver trim or white with silver trim. ◊
Jonathan Lawton has been a photographer for more than 10 years and operates his own photography business (www.jonathanlawton.com). He’s also a salesman at Hunt’s Photo and Video in Melrose, Mass. If you have questions on any photo-related topics, contact him at jlawton@wbhunt.com.

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