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While it seems like just yesterday that The University of Montana’s students fled from the Missoula valley back to their homes, it’s actually just a matter of weeks before they come filing back to town. Students lend an exciting air to a community. Whether that is a physical community, like your hometown, or a metaphorical community, like that of writers, communicators and creatives. It’s that time of the year when we take notice of some exceptional students, as well as begin the process of fostering and mentoring others in universities across the U.S.
OWAA recently announced the recipients of the 2012-13 Bodie McDowell Scholarship awards. The Education Committee chose six college students — three graduate and three undergrads — whose applications rose above the others in merit and promise from among 17 received this year.
Recipients will share $16,700 in scholarships and will receive their funding at the commencement of the fall semester. Each student will also receive a one-year student membership in OWAA.
Successful graduate applicants include Katelyn Jerman, University of Colorado – Denver ($3,000); Sarah Gillespie, Southern Illinois University ($3,000); and Benjamin Goldfarb, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies ($2,400).
Undergraduate students receiving scholarships include Emma Murray, University of South Dakota ($3,000); Savannah Hoover, Sierra Nevada College ($2,800); and Steven Maichak, Oklahoma State University ($2,500).
OWAA’s Education Committee, chaired by Jason Jenkins, reviewed scholarship applications, scored them based upon pre-determined criteria and selected the winners. Thanks to the following people for judging this year’s applications: Tim McKillop, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, Randy Zellers and Jason Jenkins.
Congratulations to all six recipients! We look forward to seeing their work in the coming months and years.
Our two current student chapters are still going strong and will be back up and active as soon as school starts again later this month at The University of Montana and the University of Missouri. While it’s great to have these two groups fully active and contributing, we’d love to see more groups forming!
Many of our members teach or mentor college students, or are active at their alma mater schools. We could use your help in getting more of these groups started around the country. Paul Queneau and Jason Jenkins worked to put together some best practices to assist members in encouraging new student groups based on their own experiences doing so at their local universities. You can find those online at We look forward to your participation in helping to arrange more outreach to the next generation of outdoor communicators. If you need any pointers or support in helping develop a student chapter, please contact OWAA headquarters. ♦
— OWAA Executive Director Robin Giner,

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