Fish Virginia First

Load up the boat, pack your best rod and reel and hit the road– It is time to “Fish Virginia First”–  The Mid-Atlantic’s premier fishing trail. Some of the best fishing destinations in the country await you in Virginia. Home to picturesque and inspiring lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and reservoirs around, Virginia promises to satisfy your desire to fish, as well as your sense of adventure!
Virginia is a state rich with history and culture. Some of the most influential names in American history have called Virginia home. Ever since the first settlers stepped foot on the coast, fishing has  been an important part of life. While the purposes behind fishing may be different today, it is a tradition that not only lives on, but prospers in many areas of Virginia’s beautiful and scenic locales. From one scenic end of the state to the other, there are countless fishing destinations to lure any fisherman. Many of these fishing locales are rich with history and promise a memorable fishing experience. In the midst of its beautiful mountain ranges and deep historical roots, there are numerous fishing hotspots. No matter if you’re a young rookie or an aged expert, Virginia is the perfect place to cast your lines. “Fish Virginia First” is a program designed to help bring these great experiences together for you to enjoy.
The central, southwest and southern regions of Virginia are abundant with fisheries and tourism infrastructure that can accommodate and sustain visitation. An important part of tourism, fishing is an attraction that requires no investment. The assets of rivers, lakes and streams already exist. This multi-regional effort to promote such fisheries and other amenities such as lodging, restaurants, shopping, outfitters, etc. will become an addition to the $18.7 billion industry in Virginia. It is easy to see how “Fish Virginia First” is a great asset to this growing industry and the economic impact for each community.
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