Conference pleased first-timer

I wanted to make sure the first e-mail I sent after getting home from the conference was a sincere THANK YOU for helping me attend. Having heard from other friends and school colleagues that conferences can be hit-or-miss, I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’m happy to report that my experience exceeded my highest expectations.
It wasn’t just the seminars (all very helpful) or the variety of seasoned pros I got to meet and talk with. It was all that plus an incredibly warm, across-the-board welcome I received every time I talked with someone. The OWAA membership seemed genuinely, personally interested in helping out a new attendee and making sure I got something useful out of the conference.
For that, I am truly grateful.
I’m spending today organizing the mountain of fliers, sample issues and business cards I brought home, and I’ve already started putting some of the tips I received to use. If I play my cards right, I suspect the raw material I brought home will form the foundation for a very successful summer and fall of freelancing.
My membership application is going in the mail this afternoon. I’m optimistic that when this time rolls around next year, I’ll be able to catch up with you over lunch and report on a successful launch of another outdoor communicator’s career.
Matt Cunningham,
West Chester, Ohio


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