Device reduces glare on camera's rear LCD screen

By Jonathan Lawton
hoodman-loupeIf you enjoy taking pictures outdoors, particularly on a bright sunny day, you know just how difficult it can be to view your camera’s rear LCD screen. The strong glare from the screen can make it nearly impossible to efficiently review images. The HoodLoupe 3.0 is a handy solution for this common problem.
The HoodLoupe is designed to work like a traditional loupe. After taking your photograph, simply place the HoodLoupe on the back of your camera covering the LCD screen. The HoodLoupe blocks out the surrounding light and enables you to review your image in a glare-free environment. This is especially helpful when checking for correct exposure, critical focus and composition.
Although the HoodLoupe is ideally designed to be used on cameras with a 3-inch LCD screen, it works well on cameras with smaller LCD screens as well. The HoodLoupe is lightweight and made of soft rubber so you won’t have to worry about scratching your display. The built-in diopter -/+ 3 allows you to adjust the loupe for your vision. The HoodLoupe comes with a soft storage case and belt clip to protect it when not in use. It also includes a lanyard for wearing around your neck when shooting.
If you do a lot of outdoor photography, the HoodLoupe is an accessory that can make your life easier. This small, well-built, lightweight device is worth bringing along to your next photo session.
Jonathan Lawton has been a photographer for more than 10 years and operates his own photography business, If you have questions on any photo-related topics, contact him at

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