Caldwell receives top award from Texas Outdoor Writers Association

The Texas Outdoor Writers Association presented a special achievement award at this year’s annual meeting. Sam Caldwell was accorded TOWA’s highest honor, the L.A. Wilke Award. The award is a shadowbox containing a hand-crafted knife with Caldwell’s name engraved on the blade. The Wilke award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated excellence in one or more of the skills of writing, photography, illustration or broadcasting that enhances the outdoors. Editor of Coastal Conservation Association’s publication, Currents, Caldwell was among the earliest proponents of the CCA. Formed in 1978 in Houston, Texas, the CCA now has chapters in every Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast state, as well as chapters in Washington and Oregon. Caldwell co-authored “Change Of Tides,” named by TOWA as Best Outdoor Book of 2001. He was also named Texas State Artist for 2004.
Caldwell said, “There’s been a mistake. Others here tonight deserve this award more than me. But, I’m going to keep it.”

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