big-book-of-huntingThe Gigantic Book of Hunting Stories

Edited by Jay Cassell, Skyhorse Publishing,, hardcover, 800 pp., $24.95.

This collection boasts more than 100 stories by such contributors as Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, Norman Strung and Archibald Rutledge. The book was put together in celebration of what would be Roosevelt’s 150th birthday. A portion of the proceeds from the book sale will go to the Th

eodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a coalition focused on preserving hunting and fishing traditions.

Best Rail best-rail-trails-clr2Trails Pacific Northwest

By Natalie Bartley, FalconGuides,, paperback, 368 pages, $15.95.

This guide covers walking, jogging, biking and cross-country skiing on the rail-trail systems in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Bartley provides mile-by-mile descriptions of 48 of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular rural and urban rail trails, plus complete listings of the region’s other rail trails.

Grassroots Ecology


By Ken Greenwood, Hamilton Books,, paperback, 296 pp., $29.

Greenwood starts by tracing the history of conservation in the United States, using the analogy of his grandmother’s crazy quilts – a myriad of patterns and hues that are sewn together to produce a bed quilt. With an easy-to-understand style, Greenwood goes on to explore the movement’s successes and failures. He offers solutions on how to proceed toward an altered but much more positive environmental direction.

The Springs of Florida, 2nd Ed.


By Doug Stamm, Pineapple Press,, 128 pp., color photographs and maps, hardcover, $22.95; paperback, $16.95.

This new edition is updated to serve as a guide to Florida’s many spring parks and their inhabitants. Vital for canoeists, kayakers, divers, snorkelers and visitors, the book is a natural history field guide featuring 90 rare full-color underwater photos of the many inhabitants of Florida’s springs, from manatees to blind albino cave crayfish.

Fish Tales


By Alan Liere, Northwest Fly Fishing,, 169 pp., $19.95. Forward by Patrick F. McManus.

Liere’s fourth book will appeal to anglers of all ages and persuasions. Although touted as a collection of fly-fishing humor, Liere admits he would “cast fermented chicken lips on a size-2 hook if that were the difference between catfish fillets and fried spam for breakfast.” Liere is, above all, a fisherman, he says, “and I am not so silly as to believe anglers who don’t know a White-butted skunk from a stinky brown ferret are going to hell.” Liere spins 80 sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, often moving tales – adventures, misadventures and reflections. His work is proof the funniest things in life are generally the truest. Review copies are available by request from Northwest Fly Fishing.

Gators, Goudheads, and Pufflings: A biologist slogs, climbs, and wings her way to save wildlife


By Susan D. Jewell, Infinity Publishing,, 220 pp., $14.95.

With humor and drama, Jewell tells true tales about the everyday life of a wildlife biologist. Far from mundane, Jewell writes of her work in the wilds of Maine to Florida. She brings to life the wild animals and the places in which they live and describes why biologists feel compelled to protect species and habitat.

Idaho Wildlife Impressions


By William H. Mullins, Farcountry Press,, 80 pp., softcover, 85 color photos, $9.95.

Few photographers have taken so many quality photos of the diversity of Idaho’s wildlife as Mullins, as is apparent in his book “Idaho Wildlife Impressions.” The truediversity of Idaho’s wildlife is captured in this collection, with photos ranging from fish and reptiles, to a wide range of Idaho’s birds, to the popular big game species. In addition to photos, the book includes biological tidbits about all the species featured. ◊


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